Mum-of-22 Sue Radford gives family update including secret cliques

Sue Radford, the mother of 22 children, has revealed that her mega-family has its own cliques – but rather than her kids, it's the dogs that are forming them.

She explained that the family's seven dogs have formed their own mini-packs.

The Radford family rose to fame following the airing of the Chanel 5 reality TV series 22 Kids and Counting.

The show documented what life was like for such a large family at their ten-bedroom home in Lancashire's coastal town of Morecambe.

Parents Sue and Noel had their first child and dog over 30 years ago. Their current pooches are border collie Lola, French bulldogs Bluebell, Ivy and Mabel, and miniature dachshunds Cookie, Minnie and Dolly.

Speaking in a YouTube Q&A, Sue, 47, said: "They’re all bonkers." Before adding: "Lola’s the calm one. She doesn’t tend to socialise with the other dogs, she just likes doing her own thing.

"Whereas the Frenchies, they all kind of hang out together and the dachshunds hang out together. It’s really weird."

However, 52-year-old Noel said that he will often see all the dogs together when he looks out in the garden.

He said: "They’re all chasing each other round." Sue added: "The dachshunds are funny because Cookie and Minnie like to give the other dogs kisses."

The seven dogs live with the Radford Family in a former care home, which Sue and Noel bought for £240,000 back in 2004.

Having spent thousands renovating their mansion, they are now looking to move to a new home for their youngest children and dogs to live in.

They were initially looking for a plot of land to build their dream home on, but have now found a house to live in instead.

According to The Sun, an offer has already been accepted on the new pad too.

Noel said: “It’s the house that we’ve sort of been dreaming of for years and years. It’s got a nice big garden all around it, there’s enough land for what we want.”

Despite the family's enormous size they still manage to go on family vacations – six holidays this year to be precise.

The family has plans to travel to Florida to visit Disneyland, which seems to be a regular holiday destination for the Radfords.

In a recent Instagram post, one fan commented and said they were going to Florida before Sue revealed: “We are on the countdown now too, 27 days and counting.”

The Morecambe-based mum also shared they they planned to visit parks and zoos as they also want to spend some time in the motorhome, which Sue often shares glimpses of on her social media.

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