‘Morning Toast’ host says mass shooters less likely to target upscale theaters

The controversial sisters of YouTube show “The Morning Toast” are in trouble yet again — this time for airing the peculiar opinion that you’re less likely to get shot in a luxury movie theater than a regular old multiplex.

While talking about movie-theater shootings on Tuesday’s episode, co-host Jackie Oshry said that she refuses to go to normal movie theaters since the 2012 Aurora, Colo., mass shooting, but that she’s “comfortable” going to the new wave of fancy film houses.

“Ever since the elevation of the movie theater experience, with [upscale chain] iPic and some of the nicer movie theaters, I feel like, no offense — this is awful — if you’re going to shoot up a movie theater, it’s not going to be the most expensive one.”

After facing backlash from listeners in their fan group chat, Oshry didn’t back down.

“I’m not going to apologize,” she said on Wednesday’s show. “People are making it so much more than it is … People are inferring so many other awful classist things. I didn’t mean anything more or less than what I said.”

She went on to say she can’t apologize “for every small thing, otherwise I don’t feel empowered to just speak my mind.”

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