Miley Cyrus Tattoos: How the Singer Honors Her Pets With Her Ink

Miley Cyrus has a massive tattoo collection that has continued to grow over the years. Since getting her first ink piece at 17, Cyrus has added many different tattoos to her body, some of which have very special meanings behind them. But a handful of her most meaningful designs share a common theme that is close to Cyrus’ heart: her pets.

Miley Cyrus has 74 tattoos

It’s no secret that Cyrus has a lot of tattoos.

Since shedding her Disney darling image, the “Midnight Sky” singer has decorated her body with various ink pieces. While some have special meanings behind them, others are seemingly random.

However, each ink piece is unique to Cyrus, which is likely why she doesn’t have a problem showing them off on red carpets and during special appearances.

Now you’re probably wondering: “How many tattoos does the singer have?”

Well, unbeknownst to Cyrus, she has 74 tattoos, which she didn’t even realize until it was brought to her attention during a December 2020 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

While appearing on the show, Kimmel had the pop star play a trivia game about herself against a superfan named Paul. 

After Kimmel asked how many ink pieces Cyrus has, Paul guessed 27, which Kimmel announced was far too low.

It was then Cyrus’ turn to answer, to which she said, “I have no idea.” When Kimmel expressed confusion over the singer’s answer, she quipped, “Um, because you probably are much more coherent when I am getting these tattoos than I am.”

Kimmel then revealed the answer, which is 74, leaving Cyrus just as confused as her fan. “Huh?” she replied.

Several of her most meaningful tattoos are dedicated to her pets

Though she doesn’t know the exact number of tattoos she has, many of Cyrus’ designs are meaningful to her.

In addition to the tats that honor her friends and family, the Disney Channel alum also has tattoos that are dedicated to her beloved pets who have died.

According to Refinery29, Cyrus has at least four tattoos dedicated to her furry friends, her first being an homage to her late dog Floyd, which she got after he died in 2014.

Since then, the pop star has gotten portraits of her blowfish, Pablow, her beloved Shetland sheepdog, Emu, and her pitbull, Mary Jane, inked on her body.

Seeing as Cyrus is a known animal lover and has at least a dozen pets in total, it’s understandable why she likes to commemorate those pets who have passed on by getting portraits of them tattooed on her.

With so many pets under her ownership — including horses, dogs, cats, and pigs — there’s no doubt in our mind that Cyrus will be getting more tattoos dedicated to her beloved animals.

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