Mel B Finds Love Again After She ‘Couldn’t Be Hugged or Touched’ Due to ‘So Many Trauma Triggers’

The former Scary Spice is back on dating game as she romances a ‘very kind, understanding and patient’ man following her bitter separation from husband Stephen Belafonte.

AceShowbiz -Mel B has found love again with a ‘kind and very, very patient man after believing it “would be impossible.”

The 45-year-old Spice Girls star – who divorced her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte in 2017 amidst allegations he was physically and emotionally abusive towards her during their relationship, claims which he has denied – revealed her new mystery partner is “different to anyone (she’s) even been in a relationship before.”

In an interview with British newspaper The Sun, she said, “I honestly thought being in a romantic relationship again would be impossible because you get overloaded with past experiences.”

“Because I’m riddled with so many trauma triggers, I couldn’t be hugged or touched for a good year. If someone came too close to me my hairs would stand on end, even in regular, everyday life.”

“But there is a way out of it. It takes somebody who’s very kind, understanding and patient to help you out of that unwanted cycle you fear going back into.”

Although Mel – known as Scary Spice from her time in the chart-topping girl group – won’t yet identify her new partner, she described him as “kind and very, very patient.”

She added, “You can have a loving, caring relationship. It just takes a lot of time and a lot of trust.”

“The person who enters into it with you has to understand how sensitive you are about your barriers.”

“It’s really hard for a man, especially for a man who has never been abusive to a woman. An actual man who thinks, ‘How can a man do that to a woman?’ “

Meanwhile, Mel has starred in a powerful music video highlighting the horror of domestic abuse.

The film – which accompanies composer Fabio D’Andrea‘s piece “Love Should Not Hurt (A Flat Minor)” – features no words with the story being told through dance and music.

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