Matt Baker’s plea for help after Countryfile presenter’s arm gets trapped by an octopus

Matt Baker gets suckered by an octopus in 2015

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Countryfile presenter Matt Baker was forced to “wrestle” his way out after finding himself stuck to an octopus, as the small-screen star called for help. It comes after the former One Show host took part in Big Blue Live, where he explored various sea life creatures.

The 43-year-old was left stunned after he attempted to stroke the octopus during a visit to an aquarium.

The small-screen star urged the guide to let him take a closer look at the sea creature before trouble ensued.

Matt tried to pet the octopus who appeared to take a liking to the presenter and latched onto his arm.

The BBC favourite called out for help as the octopus used its legs to keep his arm locked in a hold.

During the 2015 clip, Matt was informed by his guide, Chris, that he was coming face-to-face with one of the biggest types of pacific octopus.

“He is a giant!” the presenter chuckled, as he watched the creature from a short distance.

Matt added: “That is just mesmerising. Look at those legs. Can I get closer?”

To which Chris agreed, as the Countryfile presenter moved towards the fish tank.

The guide warned Matt that as soon as the octopus grabs you she may not let go and will leave some “hickies”.

In that moment, the octopus’ leg latched onto his arm, as Matt commented: “Oh, she just hickied me there.”

He added: “This is the oddest feeling. It’s like your arm is being engulfed. She’s unbelievably strong.”

The octopus then used her other legs and jumped on Matt’s arm as he let out a shriek.


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“You’re going to have to peel her off,” the presenter urged Chris. “I’m getting redness.”

Matt’s right arm was completely enclosed in the octopus’s grasp as the Countryfile host issued a plea for help.

He said: “Oh, no. She’s got me there. She’s got me well and proper on my right arm.”

The guide quizzed if he needed some assistance to which Matt nodded, as they fought to get the octopus’ legs off of his arm.

Matt chuckled: “I”m now wrestling an octopus.”

Once free from her hold, the presenter showed off the suction marks to the camera.

With a sigh of relief, Matt remarked: “I’m free.”

Countryfile airs tonight on BBC one at 5.50pm.


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