Martin Roberts: Homes Under The Hammer host hits back at criticism ‘Always having a go!’

Martin Roberts reacts to criticism on how he wears a coat

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Martin Roberts, 56, has become staple of BBC’s Homes Under The Hammer and has a growing fan base who adore his quirks and silly sense of humour. But during a recent video posted to his YouTube account, the presenter demanded answers for why he keeps getting criticised for the way he wears his coats and suit jackets on the show.

Lay off the coat!

Martin Roberts

Chatting to comedian Mo Gilligan on his latest Martin Roberts’ Property Titbits channel, Martin wanted to know why Mo always had something to say about his attire.

“What is wrong with the way I do up my coat?!” he exclaimed, sounding confused as Mo flung back his head with laughter.

“Because you’re always having a go at the bottom button thing!”

He continued: “Look, I’m a property expert, I’m not a designer! I don’t know how to do up a coat!”

Martin barely took a breather as he said: “What is the cool way to do up your coat, Mo?

“The first thing you say is, ‘Oh look he’s got his bottom button done up,’ and I’m like, ‘Lay off the coat Mo!'”

“Listen to what I’m saying about the property!”

After his rant was over, Mo managed to stop laughing for a brief moment to reply.

“I’ll be honest, you’re one of my favourites,” the comedian admitted, revealing it’s all in his facial expressions, that resonate more than anything with him.

“But let’s get onto the coat,” he giggled, “I don’t know whether it’s a thing when you’re on set but you have this one button on the coat and I think it’s a pet peeve, I’m like, ‘Come on man!’

“Why can’t the producer just say, ‘Martin, your bottom button is….'” Mo creased over with laughter again, unable to get his words out as he wiped tears away from his eyes.

Martin smiled: “I need to take some lessons, OK.”

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A clip of the presenter appeared on-screen as Mo went thorough what was wrong with the way he had done up the suit jacket.

The screen then flicked to another still of Martin walking on the show, wearing jeans and a very larey, flowery shirt, something else he’s known for.

Again, Mo burst out laughing as Martin questioned: “What’s wrong here? This isn’t about property anymore, it’s about what I wearing,” he pointed out.

“It’s fine, you look swag!” Mo reassured him his outfit choice on this day was reasonable.

“This is why I like you Martin – you have your floral shirt on, your tight jeans on, and I’m a fan of the tight jeans and the Chelsea boots!” Mo said.

“You have to tell me how these outfits started out.”

Martin proceeded to explain that he wasn’t too sure why and how he came about donning the flowery prints, believing he did it as a contrast to some of the “dark and dingey” properties being shown on the show.

“I thought, I’ve got to brighten this up somehow!” he shurgged.

Homes Under The Hammer airs weekdays at 10am on BBC One.

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