‘Married At First Sight’ Recap: 4 Couples Matched Up For 1st Time In Show’s History

As if three blind weddings wasn’t wild enough for one season, ‘MAFS’ stars four couples this time around — and the drama is real! Here’s what happened during the premiere!

Even eight seasons in, watching strangers meet at the altar to legally get married never gets less stressful — especially since four couples are now involved, instead of the usual three. In the Jan. 1 premiere of Married at First Sight, psychologist Dr. Jessica Griffin, sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz and marriage counselor Pastor Calvin Roberson met with endless Philly singles to find perfect pairs. After interviewing the reality star hopefuls and visiting their homes, the three experts honed in on eight people to match up. But choosing the compatible couples was just the beginning! From coming clean to their family members, selecting their wedding day ‘fits and heading out for joint bachelor and bachelorette parties, Jasmine McGriff, 29, Will Guess, 37, Stephanie Sersen, 35, AJ Vollmoeller, 37, Kristine Killingsworth, 28, Keith Dewar, 29, Kate Sisk, 27, and Luke Cuccurullo, 30, were embarking on a wild ride. We’ve got all the details!

Jasmine & Will: These two were the first to tie the knot this season. And while their wedding day went smoothly, especially when Jasmine and Will bonded over both attending Lincoln University, their road to the altar was far from smooth. The problem? Jasmine’s parents did not want her to get married at first sight. After she was picked by the experts, the assistant director had just over a week to get everything in order for her wedding — but didn’t know until minutes before whether her dad would walk her down the aisle. And while he did show up, when they prepared to step out together, he murmured, “What you put me through…” Luckily, her father warmed up to Will as a fellow Lincoln alum. Jasmine’s mom did too when the financial analyst stopped on his way down the aisle to introduce himself with a hug. By the time their photo shoot was in full swing, Jasmine and Will were more at ease, laughing and cracking jokes together. Too cute!

Stephanie & AJ: AJ’s motivation for getting married at first sight was simple — he was sick of having dinner alone! The staffing company owner was ready to commit, but who did the experts match the goofy, outgoing entrepreneur up with? Stephanie, a financial consultant who loved to travel. After learning she was engaged to a stranger, she purchased a ring just to see how it felt on her finger. She showed it off while getting her nails done with the other girls and refused the lap dance she was offered at their bachelorette party. Her husband-to-be, on the other hand, was hanging with strippers and telling the other guys, “If they hit the nail on the head, she’ll be going to strip clubs with me.” This difference aside, though, these two seemed crazy compatible when they met at the altar. Not only did they share a love of beer, but they Frenched during their photo shoot. That’s a strong start, by the looks of it!

Kristine & Keith: This real estate agent and dialysis technician are about to tie the knot. Kristine and Keith just don’t know each other yet! With both singles living at home — Kristine with her big family and Keith with his grandma — the experts thought their family values and career ambition would be compatible. But the jury’s still out on that one! While Kristine loved the surprise heart necklace Keith sent her before the wedding, they won’t meet at the altar until next week’s episode. “I woke up single this morning, and I’m minutes away from meeting my wife for the very first time,” Keith said, ready to go in his sharp white tux. We can’t wait!

Kate & Luke: Even after the recent divorce of her parents, Kate wasn’t ready to give up on love! The hotel marketing specialist with a love of music put her future in the hands of the experts — and they matched her with Luke. A civil engineer with odd jobs — like running speed dating sessions, for instance — Luke was all in, even when his mom said tying the knot with a stranger was “a mockery of marriage.” He hugged Dr. Jessica Griffin in excitement when he found out he was getting married, debated with the other guys whether or not he should go in for a kiss when he met his mystery S.O., and cringed away from the strippers at their bachelor party. When the big day arrived, Kate and Luke’s mothers met before the ceremony started, agreeing to grab a glass of wine and cry together afterward. But before Kate’s brother could finish walking her down the aisle, Lifetime delivered a plot twist of epic proportions. Luke recognized Kate and has met her before! But when? Before he could say, the episode ended.

So here’s to more answers next week! Married at First Sight airs on Tuesday nights at 8:00 on Lifetime.

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