Marilyn Manson Sues Evan Rachel Wood, Claims Fraud, Conspiracy & Defamation

Marilyn Manson is suing Evan Rachel Wood, alleging she cooked up a massive scheme to manufacture sexual abuse accusations against him … and committed crimes in the process.

The rocker just filed a shocking lawsuit against his ex and her partner, Illma Gore, with whom ERW has reportedly been romantically involved on and off for years. In the suit, obtained by TMZ, Manson alleges both women have engaged in fraud, conspiracy and defamation in furtherance of a calculated plot to take him down and ruin his career.

According to the docs, filed by attorney Howard King and obtained by TMZ, Manson’s legal team lays out a series of alleged events between 2019 and 2021 that suggest Wood and Gore planned an elaborate ruse to smear him and profit from it — even conceding, by and large, they succeeded in the court of public opinion … despite the fact he says it’s all lies.

Manson claims Gore teamed up with Wood to create a nonprofit called the Phoenix Act that purported to help abused women, but in reality … was allegedly just a cover for a money-making ploy they were about to embark on against Marilyn.

To that end, he claims Gore sent out a bulk email to a number of Manson’s former romantic partners, asking them to share experiences they might’ve had in common with Wood … obviously in reference to MM.

Once they got some people in their orbit, Manson and co. claim Wood and Gore then started to persuade these women that they had, in fact, been abused by Manson during their time with him … by insisting their trauma was buried under repressed memories.

Manson then claims Wood and Gore started systematically coordinating the women’s allegations … with checklists and even scripts Manson alleges were being produced, distributed and hammered home by Wood and Gore, all in an effort to make the allegations more believable.

Perhaps the most shocking part … Manson alleges Wood and Gore literally concocted a fake letter from the FBI in which they posed as a real agent, and alluded to a criminal investigation of Manson, while also making it seem Wood and/or any of his alleged victims and their families might be in danger.

Manson says Wood and Gore forged this agent’s signature — whom Manson says later confirmed she never wrote it — and then distributed it among alleged victims, as well as media members … again, all to make this story about Manson seem credible and serious.

Of course, Manson has since fallen in the crosshairs of the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. — which carried out a very real raid of his home last year — but as far as any FBI probe … Manson and co. say that’s total BS, and that Wood/Gore were trying to drum up hysteria.

There’s more … Manson claims that Gore actually created fake email accounts to pose as him, and then fabricated correspondence full of compromising content — including pornographic material, threats, admissions, etc. — that Manson says were explicitly being exchanged (as if it was him) to further make it seem like he was a monster … and to plant “evidence” that he’d left a damning paper trail. Manson says none of that stuff is real.

Other crimes Manson claims Gore committed … alleged hacking of personal computer files and social media accounts he runs, as well as the unauthorized use of his SSN.

On top of that … Manson also claims Gore swatted him last February, calling in an “emergency” while posing as a concerned friend of his. Not just that, but he says the fact that paparazzi captured all this fuss — in the midst of Wood going public with her accusations against him — is no coincidence … and was also likely coordinated by Wood/Gore.

Finally, Manson alleges that Gore — working in unison with Wood — slandered him by making up a story that he’d featured a minor in a short film from the ’90s, and that the flick included child pornography. He flatly denies the claim, insisting the woman was 22 at the time — a fact he says Gore was well aware of when pushing the tale about alleged child abuse.

Manson wants damages and a court order preventing Wood and Gore from continuing on with their conduct.

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