Malin Andersson shows bruised arm in grim warning about domestic violence

Malin Andersson has issued a stark warning about the reality of violent relationships in a grim post.

The 27-year-old Love Island star claimed she is a survivor of domestic abuse as she revealed her severely bruised arm on Instagram .

Malin, who earlier this year lost her newborn baby daughter Consy, bravely showed her injuries to the camera in a bid to raise awareness of abuse.

"*TRIGGER WARNING* So I wanted to share this post with you all as it’s NATIONAL DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AWARENESS MONTH. It’s all a bit raw for me but I wanted to raise awareness for domestic abuse," she wrote.

"I just want to post traits and warning signs so you can recognise them before it's too late. I will open up fully and share my story once I come to terms with it all and I hope you understand."

She went on: "Domestic violence affects millions, both women and men, of every race, religion, culture and status. It's not just punches and black eyes; it's yelling, humiliation, stalking, manipulation, coercion, threats and isolation.

"It's stealing a paycheck, keeping tabs online, non-stop texting, constant use of the silent treatment, or calling someone stupid so often they believe it."

Malin then shared traits of narcissism, including a lack of empathy, entitlement, arrogance and grandiosity.

She also listed the feelings of innocent partners trapped inside narcassistic relationships, which include "feeling not good enough, self-doubt and second guessing [and being] chronically apologetic – confusion and as though you are losing your mind".

The reality star also shared the helpline for Women's Aid, which can help victims of domestic abuse – including physical, emotional, financial and sexual violence.

"I also recommend the FREEDOM COURSE which has helped me massively. 'ONCE YOU CHOOSE HOPE, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE'," she added.

Malin did not name her alleged abuser or detail when the picture was taken.

She also did not confirm whether she has reported the matter to the police.

Just yesterday, the Love Islander had hinted at dark feelings in a post about her trip to Bali.

The bereaved mum wrote: "It's been such a difficult month for me. For various reasons which will be spoken about soon. But hey ho it’s my birthday in 2 days and I get to spend it in sunshine.

"Raising awareness for so many different things is what I'm about but it's also tough for me sometimes as it brings stuff back up to the surface. I'm still alive, I still have food on my table and amazing friends. Truly blessed," she added.

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