Maitland Ward Says OnlyFans Gig Making Her 6 Figures Per Month

Maitland Ward says she’s feeling more powerful than ever, thanks to porn reviving her acting career … and it helps she’s also clearing SIX FIGURES with OnlyFans.

We got Maitland outside Kings Road Cafe in L.A. Sunday and she clued us in on how lucrative her career’s been through her adult-themed, subscription-based account. She says six figures isn’t an anomaly either … she’s consistently ranking that in every month.

The “Boy Meets World” star turned porn star says her OnlyFans account is doing more than just lining her pockets. She says it’s a way to connect with her fans who find her work to be, ahem, the perfect stress reliever … especially during a pandemic year.

BTW … her OnlyFans is just one source of income … she’s also making a return to the small screen with a sitcom, “The Big Time.” She says she’s the first person ever to do porn and mainstream at the same time.

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