Maia Mitchell Explains the Weirdest Thing About Playing Callie on ‘Good Trouble’

Maia Mitchell is growing up right along with her Fosters character, Callie Adams Foster.

In her Fosters spin-off, Good Trouble, Maia has to play a different version of Callie, who is now a power suit-wearing law clerk.

Maia loves how Callie has grown, but in an interview with InStyle, she revealed the one thing about Callie’s changes that did feel weird for her.

“I felt so weird about [my first power suit fitting] because I look so young,” she said, comparing the process to feeling like trying on a Halloween costume. “But I love those power suits. I love being able to just kind of stroll into a judge’s office [as Callie], wearing a power suit and six-inch stilettos, and give them piece of my mind.”

When it comes to her own style, Maia likes to keep it casual.

“I have too many pairs of jeans,” she said. “That’s pretty much my uniform — jeans and a tank. The older I get, the more girly I get, and the more I appreciate pinks, and ruffles, and that kind of thing.”

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