Love Island finalist leaves fans in stitches with Olivia Hawkins dig

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Love Island contestant Olivia Hawkins, 27, was left gobsmacked last night after it was revealed that her former flame Tom Clare, 23, had kissed fellow islander Ellie Spence, 25, just moments after he told her he was still interested in pursuing things with her romantically. While Olivia, Ellie and Tom’s ex-love interest Zara Deniz Lackenby-Brown, 25, were all left feeling betrayed by the Macclesfield FC footballer’s actions, one ex-islander felt Olivia could have pulled fewer punches. 

The villa erupted into chaos last night after Zara marched upstairs to tell Olivia as soon as she heard the news from islander Tanya Manhenga that Tom had kissed Ellie on the terrace and kept it a secret from everyone. 

The moment was left on a cliff hanger the night before, with ITV viewers being left to find out what Olivia’s reaction would be to the drama. 

Ahead of the episode, former Love Island finalist Dami Hope wrote on Twitter: “Loool Olivia not gonna give what it needs to give I can feel it.” (sic) 

Dami seemed to have his fears confirmed, after Olivia appeared upset by Tom’s actions but did not seem to be as angry as the other two girls were. 

Instead, it was Zara who got Tom riled up when she yelled at him in front of the group, asking him if his “parents were proud of him”, which caused him to storm off in an angry rage. 

Ellie also aimed a jibe at Tom where she claimed he “says two words and goes to bed”. 

However, Olivia merely expressed her disappointment and went on to forgive him the next morning. 

“Olivia came and gave nothing, she should’ve came with what she wanted to say on her notes or sumn like girls usually do,” Dami wrote with a laughing emoji. (sic)

However, it was Dami’s tweet following Olivia’s claim that the “door was now padlocked shut” with Tom that had his followers roaring with laughter. 

“Man said a padlock?? You know that ain’t nun but bolt cutters,” he wrote with a crying emoji. (sic)

“Olivia just wants to be kissed and that padlock coming down,” he added cheekily. (sic)

Finally, he shared a picture of a door held shut with what appeared to be a small french fry. 

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“I’m stilling thinking bout Olivia’s padlock,” Dami wrote, before later adding: “Meh anticlimactic episode, such a high from yesterday to end like this sigh.” (sic)

Love Island fans took to the comments to react to Dami’s series of tweets after the dramatic episode had concluded, with many reacting with strings of laughing and crying emojis.

“She definitely going back that girl wasn’t even mad, Zara should’ve saved her energy,” Anita wrote in agreement. (sic) 

“Why is this image so clear,” added Linda with laughing emojis, while Rhandi simply wrote: “Lmfaooooo Dami.” (sic) 

Dami also shared his thoughts on the antics of some of the other Islander’s last night, including the date between Will Young and Jessie Wynter, about which he wrote: “These too better be real cause Will is a sweetheart.” (sic) 

He also chimed in after seeing Ron Hall tell Lana Jenkins, whom he has described as his “first priority” from day one, tell her that he’s interested in pursuing yet another woman in the villa. 

Following Lana’s upset reaction, Dami tweeted: “I’m sorry to say this Lana one of them girls that will always let you come back and it’s so sad to see.” (sic) 

Things also escalated between Kai Fagan and Tanyel Revan last night, after latter accused the former of disrespecting her, prompting Dami to write: “‘If that’s how you feel, that’s how you feel’ all this agro just an excuse to cop out now.” (sic) 

Dami placed third on Love Island last year – behind runners-up Gemma Owen and Luca Bish, and winners Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu and Davide Sanclimenti – with his girlfriend Indiyah Polack, who now presents the Love Island: The Morning After podcast.

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