Liam Hemsworth Almost Became a Landscaper After Getting Cut From ‘The Expendables’

Liam Hemsworth—genetic lottery winner, brother of Thor—has had a rough last couple years. In 2018, he and then-wife Miley Cyrus’s house burned down, destroying everything. Then in August of last year, he and Cyrus divorced. While these events presume a level of fame and insurance privilege many of us will never know (and of which Hemsworth is very much aware—he’s not asking for pity), they still suck, like, really hard.

In the the May cover story for Men’s Health, Hemsworth talks about his literal and mental rebuilding since, which has included new projects (including Most Dangerous Game) and a new diet. He still has an upbeat attitude, ready to take on the rest of 2020, which we’re all hoping stops sucking, like, really hard.

Hemsworth noted his early confidence even at on the onset of his acting career:

And this fallback isn’t meant to be a pejorative. Not at all. Hemsworth told U.S. Weekly back in 2012 that “ninety percent of my best friends back home are plumbers, electricians, builders or landscapers.” The Hemsworth parents, Leonie and Craig, worked as a teacher and social services counselor respectively.

In the end, the youngest Hemsworth brother managed to stick it out and continue acting. And while he may not have become Thor, but he’s still looking pretty godly.

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