Lamar Odom Announces He Will Play Professional Basketball For The Philippines

The former NBA star will play for the Philippines in the Dubai International Basketball Championship.

Lamar Odom has been promising a return to professional basketball for years, but it seems that aspiration will finally come true when he plays for the Philippines in a February tournament in Dubai. Health concerns following several strokes and heart attacks slowed down Odom’s return to the court but at last, he says he’s ready.

PageSix says that Lamar Odom has traveled a long road back from his overdose in a Nevada brothel, but the 39-year-old father of two says he will play in the February tourney. The 6’10 forward explains he had hoped to play in the Chinese CBA earlier this year, but his recovery wasn’t complete after his medical crisis.

“I’m not giving up and going in full force!! Patience and moving forward is key.”

Odom continues to express his excitement, saying that the Dubai event will be a great warm-up for The Big 3.

“To me this is a great warming up for the @TheBig3! It’s been a minute since I’ve professionally competed and I hope to be as explosive as I used to be!”

To get another chance to play the game he loves is his dream, and he continues to post on Instagram about his workouts and his process.

“There is no decision that we can make that doesn’t come with some sort of balance and sacrifice.”

Lamar Odom has posted a photo on his Instagram page in his Philippines uniform announcing that he is ready to return to the hardcourt. He took time to thank his family, his friends, and his new management which helped pave his way for the road back to pro basketball.

Female First out of the UK says that Odom is not trying to sugarcoat the things that have gone on in the past with his substance abuse and hard living, but he also gives a shout out to his doctors who say that his recovery is nothing short of miraculous.

“All my doctors who see me say I’m a walking miracle. I had 12 strokes and six heart attacks while I was in the coma.”

To be able to return to pro level play after spending time on dialysis for kidney failure is something for which Odom says he counts his blessing every single day.

When asked if he has put drug use behind him, he answers with an emphatic yes, and renew his commitment to staying clean.

“Yes, great, every day I’m alive.”

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