Kylie Jenner Reveals Stormi Webster’s Nursery Is Decorated With Butterflies — See Adorable Pics

Kylie Jenner has decorated daughter Stormi Webster’s nursery with butterflies as a symbol of her love for Travis Scott. We’ve got the pics of the little girl playing with the precious decorations.

Kylie Jenner was once afraid of butterflies, but falling in love with Butterfly Effect rapper Travis Scott changed all that. The couple has made the delicate winged creatures the theme of daughter Stormi Webster‘s nursery and on Feb. 20 she gave fans a peek at how much the little one loves butterflies. In a series of Instagram stories pics and videos, she shows Stormi’s hand reaching up to touch a light pink butterfly applied to the wall with the caption “she loves butterfly’s (sic).” CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PICS.

The one-year-old then grabs for one on a display filled with red and green butterflies as Kylie can be heard telling her, “Don’t break it!” and when Stormi knocked one to the ground she told her “Oh, girl, you’re dropping all of them. You’re breaking them!” The 21-year-old had her baby’s nursery painted with butterflies before Stormi was even born, so her entire first year of life she’s been surrounded by the delicate winged insects.

Kylie employed interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard to help decorate her Hidden Hills home, which is featured in cover story for the March issue of Architectural Digest. He tells PEOPLE magazine that “Butterflies are really important symbols to Kylie and Travis so she wanted to bring that energy into Stormi’s room. They have a very personal connection. I think it was because when they met there were butterflies around. We have a beautiful theme with artwork of butterflies in the nursery. There is some color in the nursery but it’s mostly from the artwork.”

Even Stormi’s playroom is ethereal, featuring microfiber clouds. “There are giant clouds that float all across the ceiling and they all change color. It looks like cotton candy floating across the ceiling,” he explains. ‘They’re made out of microfiber. They change color and dim and brighten and they’re the most magical thing. It’s adorable. They’re amazing.”

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