Kimberly Wyatt admits she was reluctant to sign up for Dancing On Ice after ‘tough’ lockdown

The last time we spoke to Kimberly Wyatt and hubby Max Rogers they were in a baby bubble, having just welcomed their third child, Ford Senna. And as we meet up with them again life is looking good for the gorgeous family.

But in a very honest interview – exclusive to OK! VIPs – Kimberly admits how life in lockdown pushed her to the brink – and explains why joining the glitzy ITV show wasn't an easy decision to make.

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As we enjoy spending time with chatty Kim and her clan, she says “I’ve got it all,” explaining that having a home filled with a loving family has made her feel “the most grounded” she’s ever been.

But while she's naturally upbeat, the Pussycat Dolls star admits there was a time during the pandemic when she feared “it was all falling apart”.

When we catch up, their beautiful kids are playing in the background, with an occasional wail from two-year-old Senna, at their home in Surrey. And Kimberly sounds perky despite feeling “knackered” from her training for Dancing On Ice.

The American singer – who has been paired with Mark Hanretty on the ITV contest – can’t wait to get going on the live shows but admits she was “reluctant” to sign up at first.

Were you nervous about signing up for Dancing On Ice, Kimberly?

Kim: Yeah, I was incredibly reluctant to sign up for the show. But Covid meant my other work has been postponed, so there I was strapping on my figure skates, like, “OK, this is what we’ve gotta do!”

You said on Instagram that this could be your last chance to dance like this…

Kim: I’m getting older, aren’t I? Every opportunity I get to perform as a dancer could be the last. I’ve always lived like that. You never know what might happen, so I try to grasp every moment of dance in my life.

Are you worried about getting injured?

Kim: I’m definitely less of a daredevil than I used to be. My health is my wealth and the reason I’m able to support three children. They’re expensive little things! However, that doesn’t stop me putting in 100%.

Max: I’m not worried about her. She’s an athlete and she’s brilliant at what she does.

Like the rest of us, British model Max can’t wait to see his wife wow on the ice and his support for her is a joy to witness.

“When Kim goes into this mode, it’s one of the reasons why I love her,” he says. Cuteness overload!

Here, as well as talking about all things family, Kimberly updates us on plans for a Pussycat Dolls world tour and the couple reveal they are planning a star-studded joint 40th birthday celebration. Trust us, you’ll want an invitation…

Last time we spoke, you’d just welcomed Senna. What’s life been like since then?

Kim: We tried to take it all in our stride. It was a real tough thing to go from what was supposed to be a world tour with the Pussycat Dolls to lockdown. We danced through it though!

Max: I did a lot of modelling from home during the pandemic in our newly built studio. Kim is now our in-house photographer [laughs]. We definitely added a few lines to our CVs.

What was it like having a young baby in tow through all of that?

Kim: In some ways it was amazing as it felt like the first maternity leave I’d ever had! We definitely became a tighter unit.

Max: We’re very fortunate. Lockdown came just as our family was completed. The biggest problem was Senna wasn’t getting to interact with other babies.

Did that worry you?

Kim: It did a little. He didn’t really know what to do when he saw other kids for the first time. We’re definitely back on track though. He’s fine!

Max: I’ve taken comfort in the fact that all three of our children have had different starts in life. Every path is different and that’s just the way it is.

Wise words. Did it ever feel like it was getting on top of you?

Both: Yeah!

Kim: There was a time where I’d just had enough of the monotony… getting up, cooking, cleaning, taking care of kids, homeschooling, changing nappies. It was all getting to be too much and I’d had enough. I had to acknowledge it was all falling apart, take a moment for myself and do what I could to pull through. There were some tough moments.

How do the kids get along?

Kim: I think three is a good number. The girls were either at each other’s throats or best friends but now Senna is here it’s mixed things up. They adore him – it’s like he’s got three mums in his life.

Are any of them showing an interest in performing?

Kim: Willow’s really into her ballet, jazz and acrobatics classes. She’s quite taken by the arts and is a real creative.

Max: It’s not something we’ve tried to push. But I think when your mum’s teaching classes and you’re sat on the floor of the studio watching, it’s tough not to be inspired by that.

What about modelling?

Max: I’ve really enjoyed myself as a model. It’s a great life, so I’d 100% support them if they fancied it. Willow’s come to work with me a few times and done a great job and really enjoyed it.

Kim: Perhaps not the day of this photoshoot!

Max: Oh gosh, yeah. Willow decided she was not going to be a helpful girl. If she carries on like that, she’ll never be a model!

The last time we spoke you both talked about having procedures to prevent having any more kids. Can you tell us more?

Kim: A big part of our dream as a family is sustainability – being able to grow our own food and create our own energy. When it came to being parents, I knew creating two humans meant we were replacing ourselves. By having more, we were adding to the population, so when Senna, the little surprise, came about it made me realise I – well, we – didn’t want to have any more children. I had my tubes clamped during my C-section. The last thing I remember from having Senna was telling the doctor to “Clamp ’em hard!”

Max: I decided before Kim gave birth that I’d get the snip. However, we found out at the last minute that sterilising Kim would be “a relatively simple procedure” while she was having the C-section. The theory is once they’re in there, it’s easy to do. I watched it happen. It didn’t look easy! All of a sudden I’d been let off the hook and it didn’t feel right. Kim carried our children, had three C-sections and this was one thing I could do to help our family planning, so I stuck to my guns.

Kudos to you, Max…

Max: Thanks! A lot of people don’t feel that way.

How have people reacted?

Max: Nobody in our actual lives could care less. It seems to be an interesting subject – both positively and negatively – for people who don’t know us.

You’re both turning 40 next year. How do you feel about that?

Kim: I’m so excited! I’ve spent my 30s being pregnant, having children, changing nappies, breastfeeding… 40 feels like a new lease of life. Hopefully, Dancing On Ice into my 40s will be epic.

Max: Honestly, I’ve never really kept track of my birthdays. I mark the occasion but I’m not really a birthday guy. We’ll do something together once Kim’s finished Dancing On Ice to celebrate the entire year.

Kim: A midlife crisis party!

That’ll be a star-studded occasion! Who’s on the guest list?

Kim: Zoe [Hardman], Ashley [Roberts], Abbey [Clancy] and Pete [Crouch]…

Max: The Dolls. We’ll try to get them to perform – they’ve gotta do it somewhere! Aston [Merrygold] and JB [Gill] are really good mates as well.

Sounds amazing! Is there anything you’ve discovered as you’ve got older?

Kim: Being able to build a sturdy foundation with people who care about you and vice versa is great. I haven’t had that in my life for a long time. Now that I have a family, there’s a reason for everything I do and that’s a really grounded place to be. I feel the most grounded I’ve ever felt. I don’t have to be anything I’m not. I don’t have to apologise for who I am.

Max: I’ve learned that I’m able to conduct an interview with a two-year-old child screaming in the background! Never thought I’d be able to do that [laughs].

Kim: The multitasking is pretty on point!

It is! How has your relationship changed over the years?

Max: We definitely go on fewer dates! The last couple of years have been like being stuck in a washing machine.

Kim: We’re getting better now the kids are a little older. It’s almost like rediscovering our relationship. After moving to Surrey it was like building a whole new life, which was quite daunting for me, being an American.

Is there anything about British culture you still can’t wrap your head around?

Kim: I never knew that striving to be an underdog was a thing [laughs].

Max: You’re about to find out in a big way on Dancing On Ice, babe! We’re quite self-deprecating, aren’t we?

Max, does Kim have any American quirks?

Max: She’s just so damn good at everything!

Kim: No, I’m not…

Max: Spoken like a true Brit!


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Max, there’s no Dancing On Ice 'curse' like with Strictly. Are you relieved?

Max: [Laughs] Yeah, I’d have been snooping at every training session if it was Strictly. You’re thrust into an intimate environment for a long time, so if there’s any attraction, sparks could fly. With Kim, she’s been dancing her whole life. I think she’s immune to that kind of thing, so I don’t think it would be much of a challenge for us.

Kim: Also, you do modelling campaigns where you’re married to other women with our children!

Max: That’s true! There’s one out at the moment with me, Willow and a different woman as the mum. I wouldn’t have a leg to stand on, would I?

Are you looking forward to cheering Kimberly on, Max?

Max: Yeah. When Kim goes into this mode, it’s one of the reasons why I love her. She inspires me – she’d inspire anybody – but it’s not often you get to be around excellence. It’s really exciting.

It’s so lovely how much you cheer one another on…

Max: It’s not hard. Watching Kim dance is unbelievable.

Kim: I’m so grateful for Max. All I ever wanted was to find love, get married and have kids. I’ve got it all.

Max: Easy, American!

What’s it been like juggling training and parenthood?

Kim: I’m knackered! There are moments when all I want to do is sit down but there are baths to be had and something needs tidying. Knowing it’s such an incredible opportunity keeps me going.

What’s the latest on the Pussycat Dolls world tour?

Kim: I feel just as out of the loop as everyone else! It’s still up in the air. We worked so hard to get it over the line and get the girls back together, so I’m staying stretched and hopeful!

What are relations like between you and the girls at the moment?

Kim: I was the motivator for years. But at this point, I’ve done all I can. There’s nothing to talk about among us girls until they figure things out between Nicole [Scherzinger] and Robin [Antin, who is suing Nicole, claiming she is refusing to honour an agreement to join the reunion tour unless certain business demands are met – which Nicole denies].

Are you in touch with Nicole?

I have a good relationship with Nicole. I feel it’s very important that women support other women. Nicole is a bandmate I’ve known for many years now and I can’t wait to be with her and all of the girls on stage again.

And you’re great friends with Ashley Roberts…

Kim: Me and Ash are always in contact and want it to happen.

How is she in general?

Kim: She’s brilliant! She’s living in London and is Auntie Ash to our kids.

She’s said she’s looking for love. Have you ever played Cupid?

Max: No! We’d be willing to but Ashley’s fine. She doesn’t need our help with that kind of thing. She’s in a really good place.

Finally, what are your hopes for the year ahead?

Kim: [Sighs] A holiday..

Max: Get me on a plane!

Where would you like to go?

Max: Anywhere… Calais! Jokes aside, it’d be lovely to see Kim’s family in America…

Kim: And to know if I’m going to be doing the Pussycat Dolls world tour or not!

Dancing On Ice returns to ITV this Sunday at 6.30pm.

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