Kim Zolciak Is Revealing How She’s Getting Botox & Fillers Amid the Pandemic

Kim Zolciak-Biermann made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live! on Sunday night (May 17) and was asked by Andy Cohen if she had gone nine weeks without botox and fillers.

“No, Andy. So Atlanta opened up,” Kim responded, reminding Andy that Georgia had opened up a few weeks ago and she’s been able to visit doctor’s offices. “[Daughter Brielle] and I both were [the doctor’s] first. She did my Botox, touched up my lips a little bit. I get migraines just in general, so the Botox actually really helps me in the back of my neck here and [my forehead], so that’s kind of my goal. I mean, I am getting old. I’ll be 42 on Tuesday.”

She continued, “Brielle did her lips, touched up her lips. She wanted to outline the actual lip itself, so that pops. There’s a fine balance. Brielle‘s 23, honey, she’s going to do, no matter what, what she wants to do. …Neither one of us are overly happy with our lips right now so it’s a work in progress, but yeah, they’re gone, they’re pretty much gone.”

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