Kim Kardashian Wears Pink Bikini for Beach Photo Shoot

Kim Kardashian knows just how to market her super successful swimwear line … by making herself the star attraction.

Kim was spotted on the shores of Malibu last week in a bright pink bikini and surrounded by a team of what we can only assume are photogs, creative directors and her beauty squad. You can see Kim got right into it, even getting down to take some shots on the sand.

Of course, it’s been relatively chilly in Los Angeles as of late, so there was also someone there to cover Kim up with a robe to keep her warm when the camera wasn’t in use.

We don’t know for sure, but it appears the shoot had something to do with Kim’s SKIMS swim line.


Kim’s gotten super creative with the marketing for the popular line lately, even channeling a galaxy far far away for an alien-themed shoot as of late.

But as you can see, nothin’ beats a beach babe in a bikini.

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