Kim Kardashian turns herself into ‘British chav’ after losing bet

Kim Kardashian gives herself a ‘British chav makeover’ on TikTok

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Kim Kardashian, 42, has become the latest public figure to take part in the viral TikTok trend, using makeup to turn herself into a “chav”. The socialite went all in for the trend and, in a rare turn of events, even left the comments section open to her followers.

Yesterday, Kim shocked her fans as she posted to TikTok doing a vastly different makeup tutorial.

The clip featured the socialite putting on thickly laid eyebrows, dark foundation and even darker contour to the tune of Millie B’s song M to the B.

Donning a pair of thick false eyelashes and a bright nude lip, Kim pulled her hair into a messy bun and lipsynced the final sentences of the song.

Barely 24 hours later the clip had officially gone viral, with over 19 million views and almost three million likes.

Her transformation into a “British chav” was deemed incredibly successful by her followers in the comments section, which was uncharacteristically left open.

One fan declared in all caps: “BRITISH ICON KIM ERA AND I’M LOVING IT,” while another claimed the clip showed “how to earn British citizenship”.

Some went on to declare the socialite was now an honorary Brit for her efforts.

Joking fans dubbed the star’s British alter ego “Kim Britishan” and “ol Kimmy Wimbledon”.

Another joked that Kylie Jenner would be sending Kim a “cease and desist for using Kylie Cosmetics” in the clip.

One follower then admitted on Twitter: “This is the last thing I thought Kim Kardashian would do on TikTok.”

Surprisingly, the Skims business founder responded to the tweet with somewhat of an explanation.

She wrote: “Me too!

“The bribes and bet losing I have going on with North is unreal!”

After the revelation, fans flooded the comments section once again saying: “I knew North made her do this!” 

Earlier this month, the pair went viral in a different video featuring another makeup look that stunned viewers.

Nine-year-old North dressed up as her father Kanye West, and with some cosmetic effects, the transformation almost completely fooled some fans.

Posted on Kim’s Instagram page, the clip showed North in a simple black hoodie and beanie with a painted-on jawline, goatee and hairline as she became her father’s twin.

Kim danced in the background of the clip as Kanye’s 2013 song Bound 2 played, which Kim starred in the music video for.

The mum-of-four has also featured her other children on her social media pages, most recently her daughter Chicago who celebrated her fifth birthday on Sunday.

Kim shared some quick snapshots of “ChiChi’s” elaborate Hello Kitty-themed party.

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