Kim Kardashian Konfesses: I Drunkenly Leaked that I Was Having Psalm!

Kim Kardashian is now the proud mother of four children: North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm.

But her pregnancy via gestational carrier with Psalm was supposed to remain a secret until it leaked at her Christmas Eve party in 2018.

Now, for the very first time, Kim is publicly confessing and confirming that she accidentally spilled the beans on her own secret. Oh, Kim.

At the end of 2018, Kim Kardashian threw the family’s annual Christmas.

It was a huge, over-the-top affair.

Kim had taken the job from her mother, which was very emotional for Kris, who had thrown the same party for years.

“That party was the talk of the town,” Khloe praises Kim in this Keeping Up With The Kardashians clip.

Khloe reports that “everyone is even more excited to go next year.”

Khloe even praises the party as “the most fun that it’s ever been, ever.”

In addition to Scott Disick, Kris is right there at the table listen to Khloe’s indirect insults, but okay.

One thing in particular that they mention is how fun it was to have “snow” at their party, a rarity and a garrish display of wealth in L.A.

As the four relatives continue to dine, Kris keeps almost uncharacteristically quiet.

We wonder if perhaps she’s still harboring some hurt feelings over Kim usurping her party and is less eager to heap praises upon it.

Scott is the one who brings up the most interesting topic, asking: “Wait, how is it that people found out about your surrogate, by the way?”

He asks this on camera, but he knows that Psalm wlll have been born ages ago by the time that this episode airs.

Kim looks awkward and almost bashful in response to Scott’s question, inviting an admonishing “Kimberly!” from Khloe.

“So …” Kim begins hesitantly.

“Come on,” Khloe says, filled with mirth. She already knows the answer to Scott’s quesiton and she’s excited to hear Kim admit it.

“I got drunk on Christmas Eve,” Kim admits.

“And I told someone at Christmas Eve,” she continues, speaking quickly in order to get her confession over and done with.

Kim then confesses: “And I don’t remember who I told … because I was drunk.”

A truly visibly shocked Scott asks if she told multiple people, and Kim replies: “I think so.”

When he asks if she’s upset, Kim assures him: “No, ’cause I mean, it was my fault.”

“This,” Kim emphasizes. “Is why I don’t drink.”

Kim is actually pretty well known for how much she avoids drinking.

It makes sense. Not everyone processes alcohol efficiently, and she is a tiny, tiny 5-foot-3.

Inexperienced drinkers also tend to be more succeptible to alcohol. Their livers have less practice.

So Kim spilled the beans and didn’t even remember well enough to identify the leaker.

As Kim suggests, this is pretty harmless. Psalm would have become public knowledge pretty soon, anyway.

Just because Kim was once again making use of gestational carrier didn’t mean that she and Kanye wouldn’t have wanted to inform the world.

In fact, perhaps she subconsciously wanted the world to know, so she let it slip last December.

Or maybe she was just having trouble sitting on the secret and alcohol wore away the last of her restraint.

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