Kim Kardashian accused of Photoshopping out belly button in latest pic blunder

Kim Kardashian has been accused of Photoshopping after fans believe her waist was edited in recent images shared on social media.

The 41 year old posted a series of photos of herself on Instagram over the weekend wearing clothing from her brand Skims as she was captured smiling outdoors in the sunlight.

Appearing fresh-faced wearing minimal make-up, Kim captioned the post: "Sunday in my @skims."

The global influencer looked in happy spirits as she posed with her arms raised beside a swimming pool in an off white sports bra, showing off her toned stomach, and high waisted matching pants worn underneath a pair of dark navy blue jogging bottoms.

While Kim received over four million likes for the photo and many of her 304 million followers praised her for looking “stunning” and “glowing”, others noticed a certain feature missing from the snap as they pointed out in the comment section.

“You forgot to leave in your belly button!”, one person wrote, as another said: “You can see where you photoshopped your waist.”

A third follower asked: "Something is off about the second pic or is it just me?"

"Does anyone else thinks this looks hella edited?”, a fourth person also queried.

“You can see where you photoshopped your waist,” another called out, as another added: “I never knew a belly button was so low.”

It comes after Kim was accused of Photoshopping earlier this month when she released images from her Skims Fits Everybody campaign which featured herself posed in between supermodels Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Alessandrio Ambrosio and Candice Swanepoel.

While many fans were positively taken aback by photos, some critics claimed Kim had altered her appearance in the promotional shots, making her hips and thighs appear slimmer and parts of her figure curvier with re-edits.

"Not only can’t people use critical thinking skills, they certainly don’t possess observational skills,” one person wrote.

“These ladies are lovely, but if you think for a second these aren’t photoshopped (or anything else to mimic perfection), then, the photographic anomalies are obvious! (K’s hip)."

Before her latest Photoshop accusation, Kim had been pointed out on several occasions by fans convinced that she had changed her figure in photos posted to Instagram.

Back in February she was accused of distorting an image of herself shared on the social media platform as she worked out in a gym in a bright blue leotard, as a piece of gym equipment was argued to have been altered in the background.

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