Killer Mike's Barbershop Vandalized with Graffiti

Killer Mike‘s Atlanta barbershop has been vandalized — it’s a graffiti-riddled mess with a muddled message — but Mike’s message is clear … the person who did this needs help.

Mike posted a pic of his shop, and it is covered in the ramblings of a troubled man.

Mike says he’s angry over the vandalism, but that’s not his primary concern. Mike says he can repair the damage with relative ease. More difficult … he says the guy who did it is mentally ill and desperately needs help.

According to Mike, the vandal thinks he’s Kurt Cobain and Mike is part of some sort of conspiracy of silence. That may explain the Dave Grohl graffiti.

Mike says, ” … this man’s mind is terribly broken. If u are from OKC and know his family or friends please DM so u can get him some help.”

This is so Mike … looking at the bigger picture rather than just that which affects him. He went on to say, “… I encourage all to check on your mentally ill loved ones because the world may not be as understanding as me.”

That’s for sure, but it’s nice to know people like Mike still populate America.

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