Khloe Kardashian Reveals Skin Cancer Scare, Tumor Removed from Face

Khloe Kardashian just revealed a recent skin cancer scare … which resulted in a tumor being removed from her face.

Khloe got candid about the health issue Tuesday on social media, saying she went to the doctor for a biopsy after noticing a small bump on her face that remained there for 7 months.

First, Khloe says a dermatologist examined her face, and then she had two biopsies resulting in doctors telling her she needed an immediate operation to remove a tumor from her face.

Khloe says Beverly Hills surgeon Dr. Garth Fisher performed the operation, and she says everything appears fine now and she’s healing.

Sources close to Khloe tell TMZ the first biopsy revealed melanoma, and docs couldn’t believe the results, so a second biopsy was performed. We’re told after the tumor was removed it was tested and it revealed precancerous melanoma.

Khloe says she’s sharing her cancer scare to encourage folks to get their skin checked frequently, pointing out she always wears sunscreen and still had an issue.

Our sources say if Khloe didn’t get her face checked out, the tumor could’ve turned into full-blown cancer, though it’s impossible to predict when that would have happened.

Khloe says she had melanoma surgically removed from her back when she was 19 and now she’s probably going to have a scar on her face when she is able to take off her face bandages.

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