Kelly Clarkson’s Ex Brandon Blackstock Seeking $436K In Spousal & Child Support Amid Divorce

Kelly Clarkson’s estranged husband wants the singer to pay him over $300K per month in spousal support, and $135K in child support, according to a new report.

Kelly Clarkson‘s divorce from husband Brandon Blackstock is quickly getting messy. After it was revealed that she will keep primary custody of their two young children so that the kids can live in Los Angeles with her, Kelly’s husband now wants $436,000 a month in spousal support and child support from the talk show host. Even though he’ll only be with the kids a few weekends out of every month for the time being.

“Kelly’s offered to pay for all the kids’ expenses, but Brandon seems to think he is entitled to and needs $301K in spousal support and $135K in child support per month,” a source tells PEOPLE. That means in total he’d received over $5.2 million a year if the request is granted. “Additionally, he’s already asked for $2M for attorney fees when he’s the one driving up the cost of the divorce with seven attorneys just representing him alone,” the source tells the publication. has reached out to Kelly and Brandon’s lawyers for comment.

On Nov. 30, Kelly was awarded temporary primary custody of their children,  six-year-old daughter River Rose and 4-year-old son Remy. Brandon plans to live in Montana and wanted the kids to shuttle back and forth between there and Los Angeles, where Kelly’s talk show is based. “The court finds that the minor children are not now and have not been residents of Montana and that California is their home state,” a judge ruled per TMZ.

River and Remy will live with Kelly in L.A. while Brandon will get the kids on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th weekends of each month, according to the judge’s order. On the first and last weekends, Brandon will have to travel to Los Angeles to be with the children, while he’s allowed to take them to Montana on the 3rd weekend of the month that he has them.

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