Kelly Clarkson Will Cover Most of Kids' Tuition, But Not Ex's Ranch Costs

Kelly Clarkson will be responsible for the majority of her kids’ private school costs, but her money won’t be tied up in Montana, thanks to a new ruling from the judge in her divorce.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Kelly will still pay Brandon Blackstock $150k per month in spousal support while the divorce case is pending — plus an extra $45k/month or so for child support — but he’s responsible for payments on the ranch they bought in Montana.

The judge notes that the ranch expenses run around $81,000 a month — from taxes to the mortgage and insurance, etc. — and ordered that Brandon will carry that burden. He’s the one living there, and using it as a primary residence.

Other big picture stuff — the court laid out who brought home the majority of the bacon … it’s Kelly. The judge found Kelly had monthly income north of $1.5 mil — and Brandon’s was drastically less at about $10k per month.

There’s also the issue of kid costs — especially when it comes to school stuff. Sounds like Kelly’s going to bear the brunt of the load there … covering 70% of private school tuition and related expenses.

All of that puts them a little closer to the finish line in the bitter divorce. Baby steps.

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