Katie Price shades ex Peter Andre as she says Carl Woods is the best looking man she’s ever dated

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She’s become famous for her roller-coaster love life – enduring the heartache of three failed marriages and a series of broken engagements.

But as Katie Price sits down with OK! and her new man Carl Woods for their first joint interview, the mum of five – who has Harvey, 18, with Dwight Yorke, Junior, 15, and Princess, 13, with first husband Peter Andre, and Jett, seven, and Bunny, six, from her marriage to Kieran Hayler – insists her past relationships just don’t compare.

“People say I’ve been like this with exes but no, they were just dress rehearsals. This is the real thing,” Katie, 42, says. The pair are cosied up together on the sofa for our chat and stop for a kiss. In fact, they don’t stop embracing the whole time we’re there!

Carl, 31, first met Katie in January, but it took six months to pin her down for a date. No stranger to the spotlight, Carl shot to fame after appearing on Love Island back in 2016, and most recently Killer Camp in 2018. But he insists he’s not interested in celebrity and says, “I actually don’t like the fame.”

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Katie has endured a difficult few years. After her third marriage to Kieran Hayler collapsed in 2018, and later suffering further emotional setbacks including bankruptcy, she entered The Priory.

But with Carl by her side, she tells us she’s finally found her fairy tale. And despite breaking both her feet after a fall in Turkey in August, her new man has been a huge support in her time of need.

“When Katie couldn’t move at all I had to help her with the call of nature. Going to the toilet was a mission, let’s just say we had a few mishaps. At that point I knew it was serious!” Carl confides.

In their first interview, Katie and Carl spill all on their plans for life together, her recent major surgery, and their hopes for marriage and babies…

How are things going?

Katie: I’ve never wanted to show off my love for anybody as much as I do with him. I think people want to get a bucket every time we put a picture up on Instagram. I just can’t help wanting to let the world know because I’ve been longing to be this happy and to be in love, true love, for so long.

Carl: Sorry, we had to pause for a quick kiss then! We’ve got nothing to prove to anybody.

Katie: Now I’m 42, I know what I want and this is who I want to be with, the real deal.

Has it been difficult to accept the love of another man again?

Katie: Yep, absolutely. I still speak to a doctor from The Priory because of my past. It’s to help me realise that not everybody is going to cheat and not everybody is going to lie to me. I find it really hard to trust any guy. You’d think Carl would be a guy I shouldn’t trust because he’s so gorgeous. Wherever we go, girls want him and throw themselves at him in front of me.

So how did you meet?

Carl: I saw Katie in January in a restaurant, crossed paths, but couldn’t pin her down before she left. I told the owner to let me know when she was next in. Over the next six months, she was going in randomly and one day the restaurant called me to say that she wanted to meet me. I stopped cooking my dinner, got ready and got down there!

Katie: I went on a mini road trip the next day but as soon as I got back, well, we’ve been together ever since.

Carl, how do you feel about Katie’s past? Do you discuss that?

Katie: He loves Jordan but he doesn’t want to go out with her.

Carl: I like to look at Jordan, but I don’t want to date her. Katie was the poster girl for a lot of young lads. But I knew nothing about her actual life. Before meeting her, I thought she had three kids rather than five. That Jordan stigma, I hate. I wouldn’t want that around me.

Katie: Jordan is gone!

Carl: Nobody wants to date a Jordan.

Carl, do you think Katie’s misunderstood?

Carl: I do, in a lot of ways. She’s misjudged.

Do your families get on well?

Katie: My family really like Carl and they’ve never really been keen on anyone else. Time is also precious with my mum [Amy, who has a terminal lung condition] so it’s important she gets on with my boyfriend. The fact she even wanted to meet him was a massive step.

Carl: Katie gets on really well with my sister and she can go round to my dad’s house. It’s all nice and comfortable.

Katie: My sister and brother are hard to crack, but they love Carl.

Because they’re protective of you?

Katie: Because I’ve been out with wrong ‘uns, that’s why (laughs)!

What did your mum say about Carl?

Katie: “God, isn’t he good looking?!” He’s the best-looking person I’ve ever been out with, or in fact even seen. I’m so, so lucky!

Carl: Look at you! Can we just say that we’re both lucky?

Katie, how are your children finding having Carl around?

Katie: All my kids have met him. They love him. They adore him, I would never introduce my kids to somebody that I didn’t trust, especially Junior.

Carl: Me and Junior have become buddies. It’s good and it works.

Katie: They love him. I’m not looking for a father for my kids, they’ve got their dads. I wouldn’t disrespect them by trying to replace them. It’s the same with them and their new partners.

Are you living together now?

Katie: Yes, I’ve moved in with Carl. I can’t have a day without him.

Carl: We’re in each other’s pockets but we enjoy it and it’s good. Katie and I are really similar and need 24-hour attention. It’s not to say that I’m needy but…

Katie: Well, it’s mad to say that he would be needy because he’s so bloody gorgeous, but arrogant as well. I love it!

Carl: I could say the same thing about you. Whatever it is, it works. This isn’t for everybody but for us, it works.

What’s the biggest challenge being together in the public spotlight?

Carl: Loads of people frown upon the fact we have each other’s Instagram log ins and passwords. Katie has a lot of demons that she is burying so I have to adapt to that and allow her to have the things that settle her mind.

Carl, how are you finding your newfound fame?

I’m not comfortable calling it that. I actually don’t like the attention, the so called “fame”. It’s intrusive, I’m having to adjust to the changes it brings – it’s not all good, it’s not terrible, but I like my privacy too, that’s important to keep. I also don’t need anything from Katie.

Katie: I’m not used to going out with men who don’t need me for anything. Normally they want fame or the lifestyle. I’ve met my match. He’s like my twin.

Have you discussed marriage and kids?

Katie: Of course we have! We’re excited about everything; babies and marriage. I’ve even discussed it with my mum and what it will be like. And I’ll change my name from Katie Price to Katie Woods – I’ve never done that before.

Carl: I wouldn’t get married if you weren’t going to change your name.

Katie: People say I’ve been like this with exes but no, they were just dress rehearsals. What I have now with Carl is the real thing. They’re exes for a reason.

Carl: I don’t want to be Mr Price. I’m not interested.

Katie: Changing names worked for Cheryl Cole and then Cheryl… whatever the other name she had was. I can be Katie Woods.

Katie, what do you love the most about Carl?

Carl: She loves my eyes. Sorry, I answered that!

Katie: His eyes drive me crazy!

Carl: And weirdly enough, I love her eyes. We have identical eyes.

Katie: I suppose it’s like tantric sex, you don’t have to touch and it just does it. It’s like, “Phwoar!”

Katie, how is your health after breaking your feet?

Nobody believed that I’d broken both my feet that badly. It’s been hard, but Carl has been amazing. He’s not my carer, I’m very independent. It’s so cute that he calls me a koala bear as I hang on him. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to walk. There aren’t many men that would do what he does, and he doesn’t have to.

Carl: When Katie couldn’t move I had to help her with the call of nature. Going to the toilet was a mission, let’s just say we had a few mishaps. At that point I knew it was serious!

How about getting older. Are you embracing ageing with open arms?

Katie: No, I’m bloody not – it’s surgery all the way! No, I’m joking – well… Carl likes me how I am but I did say I’ll keep having little bits here and there as I get older.

Carl: I think Katie should age gracefully. There is a point when it’s too much and an unnecessary risk in being put under. I think the surgery does need to stop. You can look too plastic.

Katie: NO!

You’re hilarious together. Would you consider doing a reality TV show?

Katie: Yes, TOTALLY – I’d like us to do a Bear Grylls/SAS thing, stranded on an island… We’re up for anything, best let these feet heal first! There are no bounds to what we can do together, Carl completes me.

What’s next on the list beyond marriage, babies and tantric sex?

Carl: We’re going to take over the world!

Katie: We’re going to travel all over the world via our YouTube channel. Carl also has so many brand deals coming in. I’m excited to be bringing back my own ranges again, all very different this time. We are bringing out an exclusive skin care range in time for Christmas, together, his and hers. We are going to become the next power couple.

So this is your fresh start?

Katie: This is a personal comeback for me, God knows I deserve one. I’ve certainly had my fair share of s***. My head is back on, I’m back in the game. It’s as if I’ve recharged my batteries from where I was 10 years ago. I am ready to rock the world, and the best thing is I’m ready to do it with my perfect partner. This is just the beginning – so just you wait!

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