Kate Walsh got a hip replacement seven months ago & now does ballet workouts

Kate Walsh, 51, has a sponcon type post with US Magazine with a demonstration video from a studio called Ballet Beautiful. It looks like classic ballet moves at a bar and like a great workout. It reminds me of pilates, which uses similar moves, and which I did a whole ten minutes of last night. I know I do too much cardio, I’ve talked about it here (hey kitten) and am trying to do more strength training. I chase that exercise high and calorie burn. Kate’s story is reminding me to go easier on my body and to focus more on overall wellness. She had a hip replacement just seven months agos and loves ballet training for both recovery and the benefits she’s seeing. I’m sure she’s getting paid too, but it sounds like she was a customer of the studio before she started endorsing it. Kate’s trainer talked about getting results without punishing your body and I really needed to hear that.

“My stylist recommended it,” [Kate Walsh] tells Us. “It’s so Hollywood, but she’s like, ‘If you want to keep that butt up, go to Ballet Beautiful.’ And I was like, ‘Got it, done.’ It’s in my best interest.”

Walsh began going to the model-beloved studio, founded by professional dancer Mary Helen Bowers, a few months ago — after she had hip replacement surgery. “I had a hip replacement seven months ago and it’s amazing,” Walsh tells Us of how the NYC-based class helped her recovery. “Just the movements in this workout particularly are so hip-opening, hip-centric.”

Bowers… agrees. With her barre-based workout, she tells Us, “you’re building strength without overtaxing the body. You don’t have to punish your body to have a great workout. That’s something people don’t always understand [you don’t have] to do crazy cardio to change the way the body is shaped.” With some adjustments, the low-impact routine is also a good pregnancy workout, both pre- and post-natal, says the pro.

[From US Magazine]

I’m somewhat dreading getting stuff replaced when I get older (ok in a handful of years) but it’s likely inevitable. My mom had a knee replacement and I know people who have had hip replacements. As long as you do the rehab recovery is possible. Also, when you hear stories about people exercising and doing well just a few months after a joint replacement it makes you think it won’t be that bad. Maybe if I do more strength training and less jumping around I can avoid needing things replaced, but that ship has probably sailed.

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