Justin Bieber Pulled Over in His Lambo for Shadiness

Justin Bieber‘s Canadian side really shone through when a cop pulled him over in his Lamborghini and the traffic stop played out like a prime case of DWB — driving while Bieber.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Bev Hills PD pulled over Justin Monday night because he didn’t have a front license plate and his window tint was too dark.

We’re told the cop decided not to write a ticket because Justin was polite, cooperative and respectful … and agreed to take care of the car’s issues right away. A lot of times, for a lot of people — particularly entertainers — that’s at least a fix-it ticket. Just sayin’ …  

Last time JB got pulled over in Bev Hills he wasn’t so lucky — he got a ticket for using his phone while driving

Considering his past difficulties with Lambos, it’s a pretty pleasant outcome for the Biebs.

So, no … it was NOT too late to say “sorry” … at least for BHPD.

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