Justin Bieber Jokes About Being Jaden Smith’s Boyfriend On Instagram

It seems like Jaden Smith has a new high-profile “boyfriend” every week, and it doesn’t get more famous than the latest one.

After he made headlines by claiming he was dating fellow artist Tyler, The Creator during his set at Camp Flog Gnaw festival this year, it seems like Will Smith’s son is rather popular among the male rap and R&B community, because Justin Bieber himself is now claiming he is Jaden’s actual boyfriend!

When Jaden posted a new photo of himself on Instagram on Tuesday, tagging friend and photographer Moises Arias alongside the caption “Pan My Vocals,” Biebs took to the comment section to tease the 20-year-old rapper, writing “Thought I was your boyfriend.” Of course Jaden, being the online troll he is, quickly hit back: “You Know That You Are.” The duo have been close friends for years now.

And while internet users and media outlets were left wondering if Jaden really meant it when he said “Tyler, the Creator is my f***ing boyfriend!”, on stage back in November, hardcore fans know that both Jaden and Tyler are known for being so playful that it’s hard to distinguish between what’s true and what’s a joke.

“I just want to say Tyler, the Creator is the best friend in the world and I love him so f–king much. And I want to tell you guys something. I want to tell you. Tyler doesn’t want to say, but Tyler’s my mother f–king boyfriend, and he’s been my mother f–king boyfriend my whole f–king life,” Jaden screamed into the mic, in what quickly became a viral video.

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When the “ICON” rapper made the impromptu statement, Tyler was seen laughing his head off just next to the stage, and later took to Twitter to call him “crazy.” Jaden later reiterated his statement by saying ”I recently said that Tyler, the Creator is my boyfriend, and that’s true. So, just so you know,” during his Apple Music Beats 1 Radio show. The 27-year-old rapper has yet to respond to Jaden’s radio statement.

Justin Bieber is, of course, off the market since he married his model wife Hailey Baldwin. The two tied the knot in a secret courthouse ceremony in New York City back in September, but recently made it public on social media when Hailey changed her surname to “Bieber” on Instagram. The young couple married after being engaged for just a couple of months.

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