Justin Bieber Believed He Was 'Dying' From His 'Scary' Drug Abuse

“There was a time when I was sipping lean, popping pills, doing Molly, shrooms, everything,” the 25-year-old explained.

Justin Bieber has opened up about the extent of his past drug use.

In the fifth installment of his YouTube docu-series "Seasons" entitled "The Dark Season," the pop superstar said he first tried smoking marijuana when he was 13, which led to a downward spiral of abusing substances and making poor choices.

"There was a time when I was sipping lean, popping pills, doing Molly, shrooms, everything," the 25-year-old said, explaining it as his "escape" from the downside of fame. "I was young, like everybody in the industry and people in the world who experiment and do normal, growing up things. But my experience was in front of cameras and I had a different level of exposure. I had a lot of money and a lot of things."

He recalled how dire the situation became when his life was in jeopardy.

"My security would come into my room at night to check my pulse. People don’t know how serious it got. It was legit crazy, scary. I was waking up in the morning and the first thing I was doing was popping pills and smoking a blunt and starting my day. It just got scary."

His wife Hailey Baldwin — who said she wasn’t a part of Bieber’s life "until he chose to get sober" — attributed this form of self-medication to his "horrible, crazy, crippling anxiety."

Scooter Braun, Bieber’s manager, said this was the "Sorry" singer’s "dark period," where his regrettable decisions included excessive partying, drag racing, a DUI, and assault.

"He’s gone through a lot in a very short life," explained Braun. "You don’t always agree with someone’s decisions in that moment. They’re young people making very big decisions that affect a lot of people. And sometimes in those scenarios you’re going to make the right decisions. Sometimes you’re gonna make wrong."

It wasn’t until the Canadian crooner felt like he was "dying" that he "decided to stop," which included getting proper mental health treatment.

A brain disorder specialist, Dr. Daniel Amen, helped him adjust to a new sober life by prescribing the correct medications. He said Bieber was previously misdiagnosed as bi-polar and given Lithium for treatment.

Amen also helped Bieber with his prognosis of Lyme disease and Epstein-Barr virus, which contributed to Bieber’s extreme fatigue.

Now Bieber is back on track with a second chance. "Being the best me is gonna help me be the best husband, the best father, the best friend that I can possibly be," he said. "And for all the fans that want to enjoy the music that I make. I can’t do it if I’m not healthy. I haven’t been healthy for a long time."

And he wants his followers who are struggling with similar challenges to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

"It might not seem that hard to some people to get out of bed, but it’s been really hard for me to get out of my bed. I know a lot of people feel that same way, so I just want to say you’re not alone. There’s people that are going through it with you. Life is worth living. If you’re not gonna give up, the only thing to do is push forward."

New episodes of "Seasons" are available every Monday and Wednesday at noon ET on YouTube.

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