June Brown: EastEnders’ Dot Cotton reveals she ‘recognises people by their shape’ on set

June Brown, 92, has been a part of EastEnders playing Dot Cotton since 1985.

And the star is still a fan-favourite on the BBC One soap after all these years but filming has certainly changed.

June, who had a pioneering operation a couple of years ago to treat her age-related macular degeneration, said she has no “central vision”.

Talking about the operation in an interview with Radio Times, the soap legend divulged: “It’s improved my peripheral sight; luckily I’ve always had good visual memory so I can learn my scripts as they’re printed in chunks in large slides.”

I recognise the people on set by their shape

June Brown

Revealing how she manages on set, she continued: “I’ve got no central vision, so I recognise the people on set by their shape, otherwise I’d have to get two inches from their face.

“You can’t go peering into men’s faces like that, can you?”

The actress joked: “They’d think I was chatting them up!”

June, who lives in her Surrey home, recently opened up about her health woes to The Mirror.

The EastEnders favourite said she now struggles to take part in social events due to the debilitating condition.

She explained: “I’ve got very poor sight. I’ve got extra lenses inside my eyes to try to help me read better.

“I haven’t driven for years and I can’t go out socially due to my eyesight.”

The star also admitted her vision has prevented her from attending professional commitments.

She added: “I never go to soap awards now. I don’t recognise people I know and they would think that I was snubbing them.

“I have got loads of fan letters that I haven’t been able to read or reply to since it all started.”

Meanwhile, June certainly keeps busy and is currently appearing in ITV show Hard to Please OAPS.

June Brown’s interview can be found in this week’s issue of Radio Times[RADIO TIMES]

In the show, a group of celebrities explored new gadgets including an Alexa, a smart-home device.

But June and co-star, Harry Redknapp, weren’t pleased with the advanced technology.

Harry was seen asking Alexa a recipe to make scones but the device offered chicken stew instead.

“We don’t want stew,” Harry continued, before slowly repeating: “Alexa… we would like the recipe for making scones.”

“No! Sod it, we don’t want bleeding chicken stew you silly cow. We want scones,” he screamed.

EastEnders continues tonight on BBC One at 8pm.

June Brown’s full interview is in this week’s issue of Radio Times, out now. 

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