Jordana Brewster will stop posting about her kids: ‘it’s not fair. They’re not consenting’

Jordana Brewster is an actress who is arguably best known for her role in the Fast & Furious franchise. Although I just learned she attended Yale so there is a lot about Jordana I don’t know. She recently appeared on the Verywelll Mind Podcast which is hosted by Health Magazine’s editor-in-chief Amy Morin. Jordana and Amy talked about parenting and marriage in the public eye. Jordana married Mason Morfit last year after a whirlwind courtship. She and her ex-husband Andrew Form have two sons, Julian, nine, and Rowan, six. Mason and his ex-wife have four kids together, the youngest is around Julian’s age. Jordana, as a celebrity, has always been active on social media, posting many shots of herself and her family. But now she is going to pull back from featuring the other members of her family, specifically her kids, because she told the podcast, “it’s not fair. They’re not consenting.”

Jordana Brewster is going to take a step back from sharing content about her kids on social media.

Appearing on Monday’s episode of the Verywell Mind Podcast, the Fast & Furious star, 42, opened up about life with her two sons, and how she decides what parts of her life to make public.

Brewster, who share sons Rowan, 6, and Julian, 9, with ex-husband Andrew Form, said she typically goes “with my gut” when it comes to choosing what to share.

“Recently, my kids are getting older, Julian’s 9, Rowan’s 6. And I find that because I like being brutally honest and because I like veering towards humor, I often talk about them or post about them,” she told host and licensed therapist Amy Morin.

“But I think I’m not going to do that as much because it’s not fair. They’re not consenting to it. So I’m going to stop that,” she added.

Brewster said she also checks in with her husband Mason Morfit, whom she wed in September.

“I check in with my husband because he’s also brutally honest, but he’s also now been dragged into the public because of me,” she shared. “So I actually checked in with him before this podcast and I was like, “Hey, how do you feel about me talking about this?’ We go to couples therapy sometimes, and he’s like, ‘Yeah, that’s fine.’ But I have to ask whether or not someone consents to that.”

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When we talked about Jordana and Mason’s engagement, I asked about social media. At that time, her sons were all over her IG. Mason’s IG was private, his ex-wife had no public presence and their kids were completely out of the public eye so I wondered where he and Jordana were going to meet on this. If I were to guess, I’d say Mason and possibly his ex had some influence on Jordana’s decision. I’m sure they’ve asked that their kids not make it on to her accounts and she’s likely seen the logic in that. I like her point about checking in with her family about what she’s talking about, too. I do this. Mine are almost always fine with what I plan to say, but they appreciate that I won’t air their business without a heads up.

Later in the podcast Jordana talked more about checking in with her boys, specifically when it comes to Mom guilt. She said she often feels bad about leaving them to work and tries not to be gone for longer than three weeks at a time. But when she asked them if they wanted her not to go away, her sons said they love that she works and they’d “never want you to just be with us 24/7.” I get the point she’s making, that most of the time the guilt is coming from everyone but the people we feel guilty about. So sometimes checking in is as good for the person doing it as it is the person you’re checking in with. Pretty evolved for nine and six year olds, too.

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