John Wayne Bobbitt Opens Up About His Infamous Injury, Says It’s All Back To Normal Now

John Wayne Bobbitt may have suffered one of the most infamous and gruesome injuries of all time, but the 51-year-old said everything is now functioning and fully back to normal.

Bobbitt was 26 when his wife sliced off his penis as he slept, then threw it out the window of her moving car as she fled the scene. Lorena Bobbitt claimed that her husband was abusive and had raped and beat her that night, leading her to cut off his manhood as he slept. The severed body part was eventually found after an exhaustive search and reattached to John’s body in a marathon surgery session.

Now, John Wayne Bobbitt is speaking out more than 25 years after the gruesome attack, telling ABC News that “it’s normal now” and back to fully functioning. In the interview, Bobbit recalled how he awoke in a panic after the attack and had a friend rush him to a hospital about 10 minutes away.

“Walking into the hospital, the [emergency room] doctor is — you know — looking at me, [and says] ‘Show me your wrist,’ ” Bobbitt recalled, noting that the nurse thought it was actually his arm that was bleeding.

When the medical staff realized exactly what had happened, John Wayne Bobbitt said their “jaws dropped.” The medical staff worked quickly to stabilize the wound, and eventually it was reattached with the help of a urologist.

The injury made national headlines, as did the subsequent trial where Lorena Bobbitt was charged with malicious wounding and faced up to 20 years in prison, but instead was found not guilty by reason of insanity. During the trial, the defense laid out the long-term abuse that Lorena had suffered at the hands of her husband, painting a picture of a woman suffering post-traumatic stress disorder and extreme abuse. Even the defense conceded John’s abuse, and during his testimony John was caught contradicting known facts about the abuse, which was said to have damaged the prosecution’s case.

Many groups supported Lorena Bobbitt, seeing her as the picture of the traumatic effects that can come from years of abuse.

John, who would later be charged with marital sexual abuse and himself be acquitted, said he could not believe his wife’s verdict.

“I couldn’t believe it, how could someone get away with it,” John Bobbitt told ABC News.

John Wayne Bobbitt made use of the fame he found from the incident, making appearances at strip clubs and even appearing in a series of adult movies, including one titled, John Wayne Bobbitt: Uncut.

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