John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever suit sells for eye-watering sum

Saturday Night Fever Stayin’ Alive

John Travolta’s iconic white suit from Saturday Night Fever has been sold at auction for a phenomenal $260,000 (£208,000).

The three-piece outfit, worn by Travolta as Tony Manero in the 1977 hit, has become synonymous not just with the movie, but with the 70s itself, representing the height of the disco era in the decades since.

Comprised of flared trousers, waistcoat and jacket, the look was completed with a black shirt as character Manero hit the dancefloor.

The suit was put up for auction over the weekend as part of the Hollywood: Classics and Contemporary collection organised by Julien’s Auctions and Turner Classic Movies (owned by Warner Bros Discovery).

According to the organisers, only two versions of the suit were made for the movie.

To add to its authenticity, a certificate from film creators Paramount Studios and John Travolta himself was provided.

Patrizia von Brandenstein, Saturday Night Fever’s costume designer, said her thoughts behind the creation of the outfit would be reminiscent of a “white knight” reflective of heroes throughout history.

“Heroes from Sir Lancelot to Tom Mix wore white in the great contests to express purity and single-minded devotion to the task at hand,” she explained ahead of the auction.

“So, for me, white was the only choice for the suit. I am grateful that our hero, John Travolta, and our producers also came to see it in this way.”

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The auction also sold other classic parts of cinematic history, from costumes to props that have become defining features of the movies they appeared in.

This included Iron Man’s Mark III helmet, as worn by Robert Downey Jr in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War – which went for $127,000 (£102,000).

Back To The Future 2’s Hover Board, as used by Michael J Fox as Marty McFly, sold for $91,000 (£73,000).

Charlie Chaplin’s cane sold for $39,000 (£31,000).

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