Jim Bob and Michelle: A Complete Rundown of ALL of Their Grandkids!

If you're at all familiar with the Duggar clan, then you're probably aware that the family is very much into procreation.

In fact, it's quite literally their religion.

The Duggars are adherents of the Quiverfull movement, which holds that it's the duty of every Christian to birth as many children as possible.

So it's not just that they really, really like having kids — they believe it's their God-given duty.

That's what led Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar to have 19 kids — and it's what's led so many of those kids to start procreating while still in their teens or early twenties.

So yeah, Jim Bob and Michelle have a whole lot of grandkids.

Keep scrolling for the complete list:

1.The Couple Who Started It All

2.A Significant Number


4.Number 19

5.Michelle With Evangeline

6.The Family Tree

7.Josh and Anna

8.A Sizable Brood

9.Jill and Derick

10.Two Is Enough

11.Jessa and Ben

12.A Seewald Girl

13.Joy-Anna and Austin

14.Another Newcomer

15.Joe and Kendra

16.A Burgeoning Brood

17.The Game-Changer

18.Jinger and Jeremy

19.Another Bundle of Joy

20.Josiah and Lauren

21.Rainbow Baby

22.John David and Abbie

23.Amazing Grace

24.Not Finished Yet

25.Just Getting Started

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