Jim Belushi Says Weed Is Better Way For Homeless Folks To Manage Trauma

Jim Belushi says cannabis is a better way for all people to manage and heal from our internal traumas … but he really thinks legal weed will greatly impact our homeless folks, especially veterans.

The actor joined us on “TMZ Live” Wednesday and told us all about his legal marijuana farm in Oregon, the subject of his new Discovery Channel show “Growing Belushi,” and what he’s doing to help people who are struggling on the streets.

Jim says he encounters lots of homeless vets with psychological problems on the streets of Portland, plus other desperate people dealing with all sorts of problems, and he’s convinced cannabis is a better way for them to treat their issues — certainly better than alcohol or prescription pills.

Just listen as he describes the epiphany he had while observing a homeless woman.

Jim’s lucky … he can skinny dip or use cannabis to take a load off, but he understands not everyone has access to CBD and its healing effects … so he’s planning to open a pop-up dispensary in Portland offering free cannabis to homeless and low-income people.

It’s a pretty interesting conversation … and Jim also tells us how an Iraq war veteran changed his whole perception on the benefits of cannabis.

“Growing Belushi” airs on Discovery Wednesday nights.

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