Jesy Nelson transforms into Spice Girls’ Geri Halliwell in Union Jack dress

Jesy Nelson swapped Little Mix for the Spice Girls for the night as she dressed as her idol Geri Halliwell for a birthday bash.

The Little Mix singer looked a dead ringer for Ginger Spice as she slipped into a replica of her iconic Union Jack dress.

Jesy even donned an incredible orange and red wig and copied Geri’s signature red pout to complete her transformation.

Ahead of the fancy dress party, in honour of bandmate Jade Thirwall’s birthday, Jesy even worked on a few of Geri’s signature poses.

Taking to Instagram, Geri flashed the peace sign and winked to the camera before sharing a video of her stomping down her hallway in a pair of platform boots to Spice Up Your Life.

She cheekily gave a flash of her knickers in her minuscule dress just as Geri had done during the infamous 1997 Brit Awards performance.

Jesy said Geri had been her hero since she was five years old adding: "She was bold, fearless and the ultimate girl power pin up."

Bandmate Jade is celebrating her 26th birthday in London tonight with the rest of her bandmates and close pals.

Earlier in the week Jade was given another reason to celebrate as she was finally reunited with her boyfriend after 103 days apart.

Jade and Jed Elliott, bassist of Derbyshire rock band The Struts, shared a very romantic airport reunion in a scene reminiscent of Love Actually.

Sharing a video of them embracing online, Jade even quoted the Christmas film as she wrote: "“103 days later. ‘If you look for it, I’ve got a sneaky feeling you’ll find that love actually is all around.’”

With Jed away touring America, the pair have spent so much time apart recently that fans had begin to speculate that they’d split.

But Jed’s band have been on the road since September while Little Mix hopped onto the promotion bandwagon through the autumn as they geared up for the release of their new album LM5.

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