Jessie James Decker Shows Off Her New Cosmetic Surgery

Over the years, Jessie James Decker has not shied away from discussing her post-baby body insecurities. In fact, she’s been extremely candid about how hard it was to get back in shape after having her three children, Vivianne, Eric, and Forrest. Alongside a before-and-after photo, Decker wrote via Instagram in 2019: “I know you’ll see a lot of people in the public eye and they drop weight in what seems like five minutes after having a baby and I think we all feel like we should live up to those expectations.” She then clarified that “these skinny girls post baby” bodies are not realistic — at least not for the “majority of us.” 

“I have been every shape and size over the last 4 1/2 years from having children and never had to worry about losing weight until I had kids,” the country singer continued. “I had good metabolism and had always been that way before. Having children definitely changed everything and I’m so blessed and grateful to have my babies as y’all know but it definitely can test your self-esteem when you are used to looking and feeling a certain way.”

At the time, she even defended herself via social media, per Life&Style, after someone suggested she had cosmetic surgery to lose all her baby weight. Years later, Decker has embraced the idea of going under the knife. Keep scrolling to find out what she had done to feel like a “brand new woman.”

Jessie James Decker 'treated' herself to a boob job

On May 6, Jessie James Decker shared a photo showing off her new cosmetic surgery. In a lengthy post, she revealed she “treated herself to new boobies” after she and husband Eric Decker decided their family was complete. “After deciding we were done having babies I was finally ready to go big or go home ha!” she wrote via Instagram. The singer explained that this isn’t the first time she’s had surgery, telling fans she had a “breast reduction and lift a couple years ago.”

“They were so big and perky before children and I wanted them back … plus some,” she continued. “I feel great; I’m super happy with them and felt like a brand new woman when I was trying on our new @kittenish swim and loving the way they finally filled out the tops like I wanted.” Decker went on to say that while cosmetic surgery is “not for everybody,” it “certainly was for me.” She added, “I always say, you do you and do what makes you feel confident and sexy.”

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