Jenna Jameson Posts Incredible Side By Side Photo Showing Extreme Weight Loss: I’ve ‘Never’ Felt Better

After several months of hard work and dedication, Jenna continues to  reveal her dramatic weight loss in a new end-of-year pic! See her latest side by side photo comparing her ‘before’ and ‘after’!

Jenna Jameson, 44, is sharing every step of her weight loss journey with her social media followers. The blonde beauty has been tracking her progress on Instagram, sharing side by side photos along the way. Starting at more than 200 pounds in April 2018, the film star has followed a strict ketogenic diet to get to a current weight of 127 pounds in Dec. 2018. Jenna posted a photo on Dec. 27, sharing the often-used hashtag #NewYearNewMe.

“Even if you don’t leap into #keto, try to adopt a ‘whole food’ diet,” Jenna captioned in her Instagram photo, promoting a lifestyle that has worked for her. “Because your insides matter, and when you take care of your cells, it translates to your outside and your outlook! I’ve never felt more bright and present. Who could ask for more! Set goals and believe you can achieve.”

Ten days prior, on Dec. 17, Jenna shared a #MotivationMonday Instagram post including what she did to lose weight. Her caption spelled out her new routine of no snacking, no more eating when full, eliminating processed food, and understanding that her weight loss journey is indeed made up of slow progress. “Most importantly, I treat myself with love and patience,” Jenna said at the end of the comment. With any self journey, that is definitely the most important thing to remember!

We’re so thrilled that Jenna is pleased with her progress, and even happier that she is simply feeling her “brightest” and most “present” now.

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