Jason Derulo Reveals the One Part of His Body He is Insecure About (Exclusive)

The pop star is well known for his flawless physique.

Jason Derulo hasn’t been shy about flaunting his natural good looks and flawless physique as one of today’s preeminent pop stars.

But the Florida-born entertainer revealed he is not all that impressed about one part of his body when he looks in the mirror, as he arrived at the LAX last week.

"Uh, I don’t really like my feet," the 30-year-old explained. "I got like athlete’s, like. Like I’ve been running, I’ve been dancing on my joints," he added with a laugh.

The skilled choreographer happens to perform on his feet quite a bit, which could cause some unflattering physical damage, as the "Whacha Say" singer simply hollered "Woooooooo" in affirmation.

Derulo has shown off his chiseled body in such videos as "Talk Dirty" and "Want To Want Me." Even in the CG nightmare of "Cats," time spent working on the actor’s fitness was apparent.

Alas, most of us have our own versions of what we would change about our features, Derulo’s just happens to be his trotters.

"Ya know what? I should do more of that," he said in regards to pampering his poor hoofers with pedicures. "It might give me a little help."

The triple-threat isn’t the only celebrity to have issues with their feet, as Chrissy Teigen recently revealed she finds her own unappealing.

During her husband John Legend’s guest hosting gig at"The Ellen DeGeneres Show" earlier this month, the famous singer/songwriter showed a clip of his supermodel wife explaining how she dislikes her "horrible" feet to Ellen, joking that John would be able to identify her in a morgue by the sight of them.

In a display of true love for Valentine’s Day, John asked the staff of the daytime talk show to create an adorable montage of the cookbook author’s trotters, with his popular song "All of Me" playing in the background.

"It’s true, my wife’s feet are unique," began the Grammy winner. "And I’m personally in love with her feet a lot and in honor of Valentine’s Day I asked the good folks at ‘Ellen’ to put together a tribute to her perfectly unique feet. Please enjoy."

During the ensuing montage, various pictures of the couple were shown, interspersed with close-ups of Chrissy’s feet, while the studio audience howled with laughter.

As the saying goes, the pursuit of perfection often imPEDES improvement.

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