Jake Gyllenhaal ‘has no interest’ in Taylor Swift’s drama, he’s ‘ignoring’ it

Taylor Swift’s fans were certainly in their feelings about the release of Red (Taylor’s Version) and the short film for “All Too Well,” the song and video for which are just a straight narrative retelling of Taylor’s three-month relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal. Taylor has been getting a lot of credit for being part of the cultural wave of women reassessing and analyzing their past experiences and relationships with a new lens, and calling out old, toxic behavior. Personally, I do see both sides of this “All Too Well” debate: I think Jake is a sleazy guy who prefers to date under-25s, and I also think that obsessively holding on to all of this energy eleven years later is not the healthiest thing for Taylor or her fans.

Speaking of Taylor’s fans, Jake hasn’t posted anything on his Instagram in nearly a month. I halfway think that he has a media team running the account anyway, and they accidentally left the comments open on his old posts. Yes, the Snake Fam has gone onto his IG and they’ve been leaving comments for a while. But Jake is not extremely online, nor does he seemingly engage with fans or haters. Which is probably how he’s blocking everything out. From E! News:

With new scathing lyrics like “I’ll get older but your lovers stay my age” and “You said if we had been closer in age maybe it would have been fine / and that made me want to die,” the song can certainly trigger a response from anyone.

Although Swifties are still in a reeling over re-recorded tune—not to mention its accompanying short film starring Dylan O’Brien and Sadie Sink—and dissecting each Easter egg, a source close to Jake tells E! News that the 40-year-old actor is paying no mind at all.

“Jake has no interest in any of it,” the insider shares. “He doesn’t read gossip or pay any attention to that.”

The source adds of Jake, “He’s living his life and focused on himself. He’s ignoring all of the noise.”

[From E! News]

Yeah, honestly? Good for him. I mean, I think he’s a dirty-assed sleazeball, he has every right to simply ignore Taylor and disengage from her drama. Now, how aware is he really? I doubt he’s Googling himself constantly, but he’s probably seen some of it. I mean, some of it is on his timeline, and we already know that he cares enough to deny that he’s a filthy non-bather. Hm.

Oh, and apparently Jake has a cat? And his cat has an Instagram? And his cat told people to stop cyberbullying? OH MY GOD. Snake Fam, were you truly cyberbullying a cat?


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