Jack Osbourne Says The Government Won't Tell Us The Truth About UFOs

Jack Osbourne says we might not know everything about UFOs, but the government sure does … and now he’s taking matters into his own hands to get the real lowdown.

Jack joined TMZ Live and talked about his upcoming TV special, “Jack Osbourne’s Night Of Terror: UFOs” … and shared his outta-this-world thoughts about life on other planets.

Jack says writing off the idea of UFOs, aliens or any kind of life outside of planet earth is incredibly ignorant. He says this type of research is really important … and he could be onto something.

Just last week, Congress confirmed some UFOs are not “man-made” and could potentially pose a threat. The confirmation was buried inside a U.S. congressional report, and Jack feels there’s so much more info the government isn’t telling us.

Jack seemed almost certain some folks in Congress might know exactly what these objects are and where they come from … but they are bread-crumbing Americans with that info.

Congressman Eric Swalwell Wants to End Pentagon Retribution Over UFOs

His reason on why the Prez isn’t fessing up to knowing about UFOs is pretty interesting … though he says some past presidents have dropped hints. Now he’s taking his own closer look at strange going-ons at a popular landing spot for UFO sightings over the years.

“Jack Osbourne’s Night Of Terror: UFOs” premieres Saturday on Discovery+.

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