Irina Shayk sits between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga after chemistry claims

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga’s chemistry was one of the biggest talking points from their film A Star Is Born – but it seems not everyone is happy about it.

Bradley’s model wife Irina Shayk didn’t appear to be taking any chances when she arrived on his arm to the Oscars 2019 ceremony.

The married couple had walked the red carpet with Bradley’s diminutive mother, Gloria Campano, who came as his second date and held hands with her famous son as the three of them posed for pictures together.

But while Irina was happy to share her man on the red carpet, it was a different matter entirely once they were inside the Dolby Theatre.

She went and sat in the seat between Bradley and Gaga – up for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress respectively – amid rumours that have been swirling about the co-stars’ relationship.

After their joint work on A Star Is Born, several theories have been sparked about their chemistry.

Some fans are convinced Gaga is in love with Bradley – especially after she split from fiance Christian Carino, 50 – last week.

"It just didn’t work out. Relationships sometimes end," a source close to the singer told People magazine.

"There’s no long dramatic story."

But Twitter users were convinced Bradley, 44, was the reason for Gaga’s split, with one writing: "@ladygaga broke off her engagement because she’s secretly in love with Bradley Cooper….obviously. We stan."

Another tweeted: "I seriously hope Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are having an affair, not kidding."

And a third quipped: "Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga are secretly in love and no one can convince me otherwise."

Others who noticed Irina’s seating arrangement at the Oscars quipped that she couldn’t hide her jealousy.

"Irina got jealous so she sat between Bradley and Gaga the pettiness jumped out," one laughed.

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