Inside Keith Flint’s doomed whirlwind wedding to his saviour Mayumi Kai

Keith Flint had been around the block when stunning Japanese DJ Mayumi Kai walked into his life in 2006 and changed everything.

The tragic Prodigy star – who killed himself over the weekend after their split – first met Mayumi when she joined the band’s tour as a DJ, and he was so in awe that he couldn’t even speak.

"We were talking and she just walked into this room we were in and you know how it is, I just couldn’t talk, I was overwhelmed," he told The Times.

Despite not being able to understand a single word that the other said, they tied the knot in quirky style on Christmas Day that year.

The wedding was attended by Liam Gallagher, Busted’s Matt Willis and David Gest, and saw Keith, then 32, say ‘I do’ in a red shirt, leopard-print top and black leather jacket.

On his head he wore a pilot hat complete with goggles and carried a cane to meet his bride at the alter.

Mayumi also bucked tradition, eschewing a white bridal dress in favour of a black leather dress which she teamed with a long black overcoat and red and black fur scarf.

For years they were happy, and Keith credited her with saving him from his destructive path of drink, drugs and depression.

“I’d done my fair share of drugs and shagging around," he said of their fateful first meeting.

"Look, we all like to get busy, but in truth I was a bit worn through with it."

They retreated to the county, enjoying the bucolic spoils of life in their £1.5million Essex mansion.

“It’s very boring and very un-rock ‘n’ roll to talk about it, but I do love my house," he once admitted.

He and Mayumi bought and renovated a genteel country pub and were regulars at motorbike Grand Prix events around Europe.

And when The Prodigy hit the road in 2012 to celebrate the 15th anniversary of their platinum-selling album The Fat of the Land, she was the opening act under her stage name DJ Gedo Super Mega Bitch.

Sadly, last year they’re rumoured to have separated and in the last few weeks of his life are believed to have seen very little of each other.

Keith only returned from tour in New Zealand earlier this month, while Mayumi has been back in Tokyo where she has a regular nightclub residency.

Their once beloved home was put up for sale on Friday, and Keith is said to have fallen into a deep depression about losing the woman he described as, "beautiful, f***ing cool."

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