I'll Admit It: I'm in Love With Saved by the Bell's Belmont Cameli, and Here's Why

I’ll Admit It: I’m in Love With Saved by the Bell’s Belmont Cameli, and Here’s Why

The highly anticipated Saved by the Bell reboot is coming to Peacock on Nov. 25, and I couldn’t be more excited. It starts off after California Governor Zack Morris closes several schools and sends those students to Bayside High. Admittedly, the fact that the cast of the Saved by the Bell reboot are, well, quite attractive has me sitting on the edge of my couch. One of the stars of the new class is Belmont Cameli, an up-and-coming actor/model (of course) whose first role was “Cute Guy” on a 2018 episode of Empire. Before the show kicks off, get to know Belmont!

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