How to Get All the Costumes From Squid Game<\/em> Including the Jumpsuits and Masks

With Squid Game on track to become the biggest non-English language hit in the history of Netflix—and in doing so surpassing that other red jumpsuit show, Money Heist—it’s safe to assume Halloween is going to look even more like a dystopian event than in previous pandemic years. Thankfully most costumes—which include face-covering masks—should be CDC approved.

There are four main costumes to build. You’ve got the guard: red hooded jumpsuits, black belts/harnesses, and plastic fencer-like masks with one of three shapes decaled in white across the eyes—triangle, circle, and square. You’ve got the players: blue and white sweats and track jackets—and slip-on vans. You’ve got the Front Man: mask and trench coat. And you’ve got that creepy giant robot doll: this will take some mixing and matching, or simply buying a ready-made costume.

(Some insight into the doll: the Squid Game production crew actually built a giant doll for the “Red Light, Green Light” game. Art Director Chae Kyoung-sun explained that the inspiration for the look came from textbook illustrations during the period of the schoolyard game’s popularity in the 70s and 80s. Tell this to your costume party friends as you sufficiently creep them out by dressing as a small Korean child.)

With Halloween fast approaching, however, you’ve only got so much time, and Amazon will be quickly selling out. (If you’re truly strapped for time, maybe just find a guard mask and wear something red. Close enough.) For group costumes, you’re gonna wanna buy, like, yesterday.

Here’s how to get every Squid Game costume this Halloween—including guards and players.

(Just a note: We don’t recommend carrying a gun, however fake, through your neighborhood, so we’re forgoing that component.)

The Guard

The Contestants

The Front Man

The Giant Robot Doll

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