Holly Willoughby admits she ‘utterly embarrassed herself’ on This Morning after epic gaffe

Phil Schofield tells Holly Willoughby 'shut your face'

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Holly Willoughby, 40, collapsed in hysterics again on This Morning, after she found out something new about growing vegetables – that she was doing it wrong. After making a grave error by thinking corn on the cobs grow from the ground like carrots, she admitted she “utterly embarrassed herself” in front of ITV viewers, but was left over the moon when she got home to finally find a successful harvest in her garden patch.

That’s the face of someone who utterly embarrassed themselves on national TV

Holly Willoughby

Taking to Instagram following the show, Holly shared her excitement that her radishes had grown perfectly, despite her “lack of horticultural knowledge”.

Alongside two snaps of her haul, she posed with a huge grin across her face, looking very pleased with herself.

“That’s the face of someone who utterly embarrassed themselves on national TV over their lack of horticultural knowledge and yet has somehow managed to grow a radish…” she penned.

She added, jokingly: “That is a radish right?”

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In the comment section, fans had their fun while her celebrity pals commended her efforts.

Her co-star Phillip Schofield poked fun at her error: “Did you need stepladders to pick it from the radish tree?” he laughed.

Jamie Oliver also weighted in on the matter, applauding her success: “Amazing! Haha it was very funny bless you Holly you’re the best.”

It comes after the presenter and Phil were discussing her struggling vegetable patch, where she admitted that she is failing to grow any fresh produce.

After revealing her tomatoes had already died this year, she was left speechless when she found out she had made a huge mistake regarding her corns.

The TV star told Phil: “I’ve got some good looking corn on the cob, the green sprouts are coming out of the top.

“I don’t know what’s happening underneath, that’s the problem.

“I go digging them up and there’s nothing under there.”

There was a pause as Phil looked at Holly in confusion.

“Corn on the cob grows off the plant though, not underneath it?” he said slowly.

Holly’s looked stunned as she asked: “Does it?”

Looking to the crew off-camera for confirmation, she hooted: “Well I’m looking in the wrong place.

“I thought it was like a carrot!”

Phil could not hide his shock at her remarks, before bursting into laughter, saying: “No wonder you’re not getting any!”

The pair collapsed into one of their infamous silent fits of laughter and struggled to regain their composure, with Holly seemingly embarrassed by it.

They then cut to their gardening expert on location who was also in hysterics.

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