Henry Winkler Ripped for Saying Cataclysmic Event Needed to Heal World

henry winkler

Henry Winkler thinks the world needs to go through a “cataclysmic event” to help bring people together since we’re so dang divided — but his idea is getting a big fat … HUH?!?

The actor tweeted out the controversial sentiment Sunday, seemingly out of nowhere and without much context. He wrote … “We are So divided as a country .. only a cataclysmic Event , that makes us depend on one another again , can bring us back together.”

Like we said … not a whole lot of info here to get a sense of what Henry’s talking about exactly — but it could be anything … frankly, we ARE quite divided these days — from politics to just about everything else.

With that said … his call for a big boom moment is being called insensitive, tone-deaf and weirdly out of touch — especially since we, you know, just went through (and are still going through) a worldwide pandemic … which you would think fits HW’s criteria for this.

People obviously pointed this out to Henry, and he received the message … but responded somewhat cryptically, writing … “The Pandemic pushed the world inside creating a world apart.” What we think he’s saying is … this pandemic isn’t the catastrophe he had in mind — if anything, he seems to believe COVID has only pushed us further apart.

We won’t try and get in Henry’s head, but in any case … folks are saying he didn’t really think this one through all that well, and that his remarks kinda come off as … half-baked.

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