Harvey Weinstein Reportedly Being Kept In Solitary Confinement & Under Suicide Watch In Jail

As Harvey Weinstein awaits sentencing over his recent conviction on rape and related charges, it appears he’s getting some seriously special treatment in jail.

According to sources inside the prison complex where he’s being housed, Weinstein was transferred to New York’s Rikers Island jail facility this week, where he now has an entire floor of the building’s infirmary to himself. No, really… a whole floor!

TMZ is reporting that the disgraced film producers and executive has the sixth floor of the main building of Rikers’ North Infirmary Command all to himself, with “30 beds in a dorm-like setting” that are completely empty to prison officials can monitor him individually.

The reason, apparently, is two-fold; for one, guards are concerned that because Weinstein is such a public figure, and with so much controversy surrounding his charges and conviction, that he could be harmed within the jail while he awaits sentencing. We get that concern, for sure.

But prison officials are apparently also concerned about whether Weinstein could potentially try to harm himself — and so they’ve put him on 24-hour surveillance with video monitoring and constant personal check-ins by guards. All of this is reportedly an attempt to be sure there’s no way he can do any physical harm to himself in a bid to avoid his upcoming sentencing hearing later this month. If only they’d have done the same with Jeffrey Epstein

Anyways, as you’ll recall, Weinstein was initially hospitalized with heart issues after first being convicted of a first degree criminal sexual act and third degree rape late last month in a New York courtroom. He’s now got 24/7 medical care on hand in his new solitary confinement situation at Rikers, too, according to sources who spoke to TMZ, so it sounds like he’s being cared for in response to some of his ongoing health issues and all that.

As of now, his sentencing is still scheduled to take place in New York City on Wednesday. We’ll bring coverage of that as it becomes available. It’s unclear where (and when) he will be moved beyond Rikers Island after that event takes place, but he faces some serious prison time and could be looking at a pretty serious sentence being handed down; one would imagine he’ll receive at least some type of solitary confinement treatment once in prison long-term, too, considering his status as such a public and controversial figure.

Reactions, Perezcious readers? What do U think of Harvey’s digs in Rikers — and what will happen on Wednesday when he’s finally sentenced for his crimes??

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