Hannah Brown Is ‘Finally Gaining Back Control’ Of Life Following Her ‘Bachelorette’ Re

Hannah Brown is focusing on the bright future ahead of her!

As we reported, The Bachelorette star had quite the tumultuous summer after breaking off her engagement to S15 winner Jed Wyatt and later being passed on by her runner-up, Tyler Cameron, for supermodel Gigi Hadid.

The former pageant beauty queen is set to hit the ballroom floor as a contestant on season 28 of Dancing With The Stars and, hopefully, put all the drama behind her.

Ahead show’s premiere on September 16, the star told Us Weekly she is still just trying to figure out life.

We can only imagine how challenging it’s been for the Alabama native to navigate love highs and lows with the whole world watching.

On Friday, Brown told the outlet how her family, specifically her parents, have stepped up as a source of comfort. She said:

“Even though my mom and dad are still in Alabama, it’s always nice to be able to talk to them when things just get overwhelming. I laugh and make fun of myself because I’m like, I’m just now trying to figure out. I’m, like, an adult-ish.”

Before all of the reality TV fame, Hannah made a name for herself when she competed for and won the title of Miss Alabama USA 2018. ABC‘s audiences later met the 24-year-old as a contestant on Colton Underwood‘s season of The Bachelor before she was named as the lead of The Bachelorette.

Now, Brown says she’s eager to put the past behind her and step into a new version of herself. She said:

“Now it’s like, finally, I am gaining back control of my life in a way of like, ‘Who is Hannah Brown that’s not a pageant queen, is not a contestant on a dating show and is not the Bachelorette?

The starlet continued:

“It’s like now I’m finally being the adult Hannah Brown and having my parents just to kind of help me through that. And you know, just talks with them the end of the day really nice, and I still lean on my friends that I’ve had for forever and then the new friends that I’ve gained along the way.”

You go, girl!

The beauty queen also reiterated dating is the last thing on her mind as she preps for a Mirror Ball-winning stint on DWTS.

“I’m not focused on my love life. I think you never know when you’re going to meet somebody and where that’s going to be. But for me, that’s just not my main priority .”

Right now, Hannah Beast says she’s content with the continued outpour of love and support from fellow Bachelor Nation stars.

“Papa Chris is my boy, and he has been so supportive of me. Of course, Demi is one of my best friends, and so she’s been really supportive. … Even a lot of the guys from my season of The Bachelorette have been really supportive of me too, and that really touches me because each and every one of them holds in my heart and that crazy experience that we all had together.”

We’ll be rooting for success, Hannah. Hang in there, girl!


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